What to Expect with Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty recovery is critical to ensure successful results. This healing period depends on multiple factors to deliver the desired facial appearance and nasal function. These include which surgical technique your surgeon employed and the extent of correction needed.

Downtime will vary, but typically we suggest taking 2 weeks off from work. After the first couple of weeks, the recovery will become more manageable. However, you can expect up to 1 year before you experience the total benefits from a nose job.

Here is a schedule of what to expect during your rhinoplasty recovery from one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Fredericksburg.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week One

The first few days after rhinoplasty are the most difficult. You may experience discomfort, an inability to breathe through your nose, and the inconvenience of an external splint. Also, an internal splint or a packing in the nostrils may be implemented as well. Significant swelling and bruising are expected during this stage.

At the end of week one, you’ll start to feel much better, notably when your facial plastic surgeon removes any splints and packing.


Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week Two

By the second week, nasal bruising and swelling will begin to fade. Your nose job won’t be as noticeable to the casual observer.

You should be ready to return to work after week 2. Still, you will have to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting. Also, after a nose job, it’s normal for your skin to be extra sensitive, so you’ll have to limit time in the sun.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Month 1

Most patients look and feel normal about a month into the rhinoplasty recovery period. Of course, you’ll still experience some swelling, most notably at the nose tip. But you will see the initial surgical results more clearly.

Moderate physical activity should be possible at this point and patients can wear glasses like readers, prescription, or sunglasses.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 2 and 3

Every day, you’ll notice your nose evolving into a more refined feature as the swelling continues to subside. Now, you’re nearly healed, so you’ll return more and more to your daily routine before surgery. You will, however, still need to avoid contact sports.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 6 through 12

After about 6 months, you’ll return to most if not all activities, including contact sports. For most patients, their nasal swelling is close to if not totally gone. By the 1-year mark, your nose will have healed inside and out, and you’ll experience optimal rhinoplasty benefits.

A nose job offers you the chance to enhance nasal size and contours, bringing your face into balance and improving your overall appearance. However, rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure that requires the skill and experience of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

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