The Most Common Aesthetic Nose Concerns

common nose concerns

Though rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery can be used to correct medical issues that inhibit breathing, this procedure is most often performed for cosmetic reasons. Modern rhinoplasty methods are less invasive than ever before, making it easier for patients to pursue a more flattering profile. Plastic surgeons have also diversified their rhinoplasty techniques, pioneering rhinoplasty methods that embrace ethnic differences in nose shape while creating more balanced features. Today, patients can choose the nose shape that’s right for them, rather than trying to conform to unrealistic “one size fits all” beauty ideals.

Naturally, the reasons why people seek cosmetic nose surgery have also become more varied. Nose job surgery is no longer used almost exclusively to create a smaller, thinner nose; instead, patients can use this procedure to address any of the following aesthetic concerns:

5 Common Reasons why People have a Nose Job

  1. Correct a Misshapen Nasal Tip

If the tip of your nose is long, bulbous, or sits at an unflattering angle (i.e., it tilts downward or upward), rhinoplasty can help. Nose job surgery is frequently used to slim and straighten the tip of the nose, creating a more even and proportional profile.

  1. Raise a Flat Profile

Increasingly, patients are using rhinoplasty surgery to make their noses larger rather than smaller. Rhinoplasty can be adapted to raise the bridge of the nose slightly and extend the nasal tip, creating a more striking profile.

If you have sharp cheekbones and a prominent forehead, raising your nasal bridge could help you achieve better facial balance. This type of rhinoplasty often pairs well with chin augmentation surgery, which improves the projection of the chin, bringing it into harmony with the nose.

  1. Adjust the Width of the Nostrils

Different people have different preferences when it comes to nostril width. Some individuals decide to use rhinoplasty to narrow their nostrils, while others pursue this procedure hoping to broaden a thin nose. Whatever your personal goals are, our caring team of doctors can personalize your nose job accordingly.

  1. Remove a Nasal “Hump”

Though prominent noses can be very beautiful—especially on strong faces—having a distracting bump or “hump” on the bridge of the nose is rarely flattering. For this reason, reduction rhinoplasty has long been used to straighten the nasal bridge. Reduction rhinoplasty won’t transform a strong nose into a tiny “button” nose, but it will give your nasal bridge an aesthetically pleasing slope that allows your other features to shine.

  1. Correct a Crooked Nose

A crooked nose can arise as a result of injury or genetic factors, and in extreme cases, this condition can throw off the harmony of the entire face. No matter what caused your nasal asymmetry, rhinoplasty can help you achieve a straight, attractive, and functional nose.

Learn More About Rhinoplasty

                Today, rhinoplasty is performed with specialized instruments that gently manipulate the nasal bones without damaging the soft tissue around them. This approach has greatly reduced recovery time, postoperative swelling, and discomfort. If you would like to learn more about modern rhinoplasty methods or discuss your aesthetic concerns, contact Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg at (540) 371-7730 to arrange a personal consultation.