Heal and Prevent Sunburns This Summer

Summer is here. Are you enjoying soaking up the sun as much as we are? Lounging by the pool is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, but if you aren’t careful, that lounging can quickly turn into a sunburn. These tips will help you heal and prevent sunburns this summer.

Be Sun Smart

If you want to avoid sunburn this summer, you need to be sun smart. Most sunburns are avoidable with a little preplanning. And avoidance is important if you want to protect your beautiful skin. It only takes 5 sunburns to double your risk of melanoma. Sun exposure is also a primary cause of skin aging. UV rays break down elastin, an important compound for young, vibrant skin. Sun exposure also causes brown spots, wrinkles, skin discoloration, etc. You might not see the impact sun has on your skin when you’re young, but you’ll certainly pay the price down the road if you aren’t sun smart now.

What can you do to protect your skin from the sun while still enjoying the summer? Try these tips:

  • Stay in the Shade– The sun is at its strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. During these hours, stay in the shade if possible.
  • Use Sunscreen– Do you have a good sunscreen? You should be using sunscreen on a daily basis (SPF 15 every day and stronger on days in the sun). Make sure you use enough. You need 1 ounce (about the size of a golf ball) with every application. If you need a good sunscreen, come see us. We offer a wide range of state of the art skin care treatments, including the Obagi System.
  • Cover Up– When you’re going to be in the sun, cover up. Hats, sunglasses, and cool, lightweight clothing can provide sun protection.

Treat Existing Damage

You can make a change today for better sun practices, but that won’t halt the damage that has already been done. If you have signs of sun damage, pigmentation problems, lines and wrinkles, etc., come see us. We can treat the damage for more beautiful skin.

The Fraxel Laser is one of our best options for skin rejuvenation. This powerful treatment is a serious solution for fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and other signs of aging. It can also stimulate collagen production for tighter looking skin. If you have sun damage, come see us and ask about Fraxel.

Enjoy the sun this summer, but don’t let the sun ruin your skin. Call us today at 540-371-7730 to schedule your appointment.

Get Gorgeous Skin this Spring

Give your skin a springtime tune up. If you’ve got moderate to severe sun damage, come see us and ask about the Obagi Nu-Derm System. Clinically proven to be the best prescription based skin care system available for the treatment of sun damaged, pigmented, or aging skin, this system may be the solution you’ve been seeking for your skin. If you’re hiding your skin’s problems under a thick coat of makeup, come see us. Spring is a time for rejuvenation.

How Does It Work?

Most traditional skin care products treat the surface of the skin. Many do this job very well, but for problems that aren’t surface problems, these products can be ineffective. The Obagi Skin Health Restoration System works at the cellular level. It can correct surface discoloration and blemishes while stimulating cell renewal. This results in brighter, softer, healthier skin, and often a noticeable change in the appearance of age spots, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.

This program isn’t one you do on your own. It works best when performed under the guidance of our specially trained physicians. We typically recommend using the skin conditioning program for 3 skin cycles (about 18 weeks) and then consider following up with an Obagi Blue Peel done by one of our physicians.

Other Spring Skin Care Tips

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is one of the best options available for total skin renewal and is highly recommended for those with significant sun damage. If your skin isn’t in need of a comprehensive renewal, try some of these other spring skin care tips:

  • Use Sunscreen– The Nu-Derm System is specifically designed for those with significant sun damage. If you don’t yet have moderate to severe sun damage, take the steps to prevent it. Wear a good quality sunscreen every single day. Use SPF 15 or higher for daily use and at least SPF 30 on days when you’ll have extended sun exposure. Reapply often. Sunscreen use is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best.
  • Try a Peel– Does your skin need a good “spring cleaning”? Come try one of our chemical peels. They can treat a variety of skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, dull skin, aging skin, and wrinkles. Peels loosen and remove the dead, outer layers of skin and allow fresh, healthy skin to shine through. We offer a variety of peels (from superficial to deep). Many of our peels require no downtime after treatment.

This spring make your skin the best it’s ever been; call us at 540-371-7730 to schedule your appointment.