Can I Have a Facelift and Laser Resurfacing at the Same Time in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

Does the aging of the skin and tissues on your face and neck leave you looking older than you feel? We all know that aging can’t be stopped but did you know that sagging jowls, age spots, and the decline in your skin’s quality can all be slowed down?

Facelift procedures, whether they be upper, mid, lower, mini, especially when combined with non-surgical treatments, have consistently become the most popular and effective methods of slowing down the effects of aging. By lifting and smoothing the tissues and removing excess fat, a facelift, especially when combined with a laser skin rejuvenation, can revitalize your lower face so that you can enjoy a more youthful-looking face and neck for years to come.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg are experts in performing facelifts, especially when combined with laser resurfacing in Virginia.

Mini facelifts typically suit younger candidates, while other facelifts are better suited for older candidates. Facelifts generally correct excess skin and fat on the lower third of the face, with moderate correction of the midface. However, beyond the areas improved, many facelift candidates have concerns about overall skin appearance. A facelift with Fraxel Laser resurfacing added at the time of your facelift may be a great way to address all of these concerns, and all during a single appointment.

Full Face Rejuvenation: Facelift With Fraxel Laser

During a facelift performed by our surgeons, excess skin and fat is removed from the jowls, neck, and lower third of the face, providing dramatic results that affect the overall look of the face. The underlying muscles and skin can also be tightened, leading to an even better enhancement of the cheeks and midface that looks completely natural.

Skin quality, however, is an aspect of aging that a facelift alone can’t totally correct. Fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, enlarged pores, stretch marks, acne scars, and other types of scars, not to mention sun damage which has caused age spots and rough skin, may not improve with a facelift. And this is where Fraxel Laser treatment can benefit patients who seek the advantages of a combination facelift and laser resurfacing treatment in Virginia.

Benefits of Adding Fraxel Laser to Your Facelift

Utilizing the gentle heat from light-emitting Fraxel Lasers during your facelift procedure offers many benefits. At the end of your appointment, not only will you immediately see the positive effects of both procedures, but you will only need to go through one recovery. In the long term, this will save you both time and money. The overall benefits of adding a Fraxel Laser treatment to your facelift include:

  • Improvement in skin quality
  • Tighter, younger-looking skin
  • Reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation
  • Improved acne scars
  • Shrinking of open pores
  • Collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Enhanced facelift results

Traditional Facelift vs. Facelift With Laser Resurfacing

For many patients, traditional facelifts may suit their needs and satisfy their cosmetic goals. However, if your concerns go beyond the sagging and heaviness of the lower face, you may benefit from a Fraxel Laser treatment in addition to your facelift surgery.

Both procedures, when expertly combined, can provide dramatic results and benefit patients of nearly any age. While you can expect significant changes in facial appearance from either procedure, you will get even better results when they are performed in combination.

Facelift Alone:

  • Removes sagging skin and fat from the lower face
  • Does not improve skin quality or pigmentation concerns
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones

Facelift with Laser Resurfacing:

  • Improves overall skin quality
  • Treats the entire face
  • Treats acne scarring, sun spots, and damaged skin
  • Improves pigmentation issues
  • Not suitable for all skin tones

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