Can A Breast Lift Be The Right Procedure For You?

When we talk about cosmetic breast surgery, many of us say “boob job.” Or, if we want to be more technical in our vernacular, we may say mammoplasty or breast augmentation or breast enlargement. But what many of us don’t realize, oftentimes the best breast surgery for many women is mastopexy, better known as a breast lift.

Unfortunately, a woman’s youthful breast curve will change with age. Many factors contribute to this cosmetic alteration, including hormonal changes, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. And although size is a significant concern for many, all women at some point (typically after age forty) will notice their breasts will sag, and their nipples start pointing downward.

At Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, we help women with their breast appearance and overall body aesthetics. A breast lift is an excellent procedure to help women look and feel beautiful and shapely by rejuvenating their breast contours into that sensual upward curve.

What is a Breast Lift?

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to lift and restore breast elevation when they sag after weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Rather than increase volume, a breast lift repositions breast tissue higher on the chest wall. It can also elevate the nipples and raise a significant amount of breast tissue from below the natural crease.

Who Makes an Excellent Breast Lift Candidate?

Some women make better breast lift candidates than others. Here are common cosmetic concerns to look for:

Nipples Point Downward

When breast skin begins stretching and sagging, gravity pushes breast tissue and the nipples downward. Our excellent plastic surgeons can employ breast lift surgery to reposition your breasts so your nipples are elevated above the breast crease.

Loss of Breast Volume After Weight Loss

If you lose fatty tissue after significant weight loss, loose and lax skin can contribute to an empty and stretched breast presence. A breast lift removes excess skin to enhance breast contours and restore a younger and more symmetrical breast shape.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Since a breast lift reshapes breast tissue to lift sagging breasts, it can be an efficient procedure to correct asymmetry and restore breast balance with a rounded, natural shape.

What to Expect After a Breast Lift

A Breast lift takes about one to two hours and is performed as an outpatient procedure. Expect some swelling and soreness, but prescribed pain medication will help you manage it. Most women only need prescription-strength meds for the first few days, then switch to over-the-counter medication or nothing at all.

We encourage you to do light walking for the first few days to increase circulation and prevent complications. Most patients can return to work within a week after breast surgery, but more time will be needed if your work is physically demanding. You’ll need to limit working out except for light walking for two to six weeks after surgery. We will give you detailed post-surgery instructions to follow to ensure you heal properly and your results are a success.  

Schedule a Consultation

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How Can a Breast Lift Transform Your Appearance?

Good news: You don’t have to live with sagging or deflated breasts anymore. You can regain a youthful, upward curve and reclaim your self-esteem. Through surgery, we can resolve the effects of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, hormonal changes, and nursing. Your board-certified plastic surgeon from Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg understands the importance of breast appearance and a woman’s sense of femininity. Each has an artistic eye and the surgical expertise to achieve highly satisfying results for their patients.

Achieving Youthful-Looking Breasts

The hallmarks of youthful breasts are volume and position. Unfortunately, women tend to lose breast volume with age. Also, physical changes from pregnancy often leave women with volume loss.

Breast augmentation can restore or add fullness to flat, pendulous breasts via saline or silicone implants or fat transfer. Sometimes, a breast augmentation as a stand-alone procedure is enough for a lifted appearance. However, when breasts droop or sag severely, or when a significant amount of tissue has stretched out, leaving excess skin, a breast lift is often the best option.

Improving Natural Breast Contour

A breast lift can effectively lift the breast contour to a more youthful elevation.

Breasts come in different sizes and shapes. Your breast shape should complement your entire body, but when they flatten and sag, they detract from your attractive figure.

Our surgeons believe in enhancing a woman’s natural beauty, including her breasts. Therefore, they will examine your breasts and body type during your consultation to determine the right amount of lift.

If your breasts are petite or have lost volume, combining a breast lift with implants can be an excellent way to increase the size and improve shape and firmness.

How Does a Breast Lift Help Me Look Better?

With its ability to create a more aesthetically pleasing contour, the breast lift is undoubtedly one of the most valuable cosmetic procedures for women with drooping breast concerns. But, arguably more valuable than enhancing your figure is the boost in confidence and self-esteem a breast lift can deliver. Countless Northern Virginia women have undergone breast lifts at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg with results that have enriched their lives.

What About Breastfeeding

Many women are concerned with their ability to breastfeed after a breast lift. The breast lift does not interfere with a woman’s ability to nurse her baby. However, having children after a breast lift may reverse some of your results.

Want to Love Your Breast Lift?

Deciding to get breast lift surgery can be challenging. To learn about the breast surgery options in Fredericksburg, Richmond, Fairfax, and beyond, contact our office or call us today at (540) 371-7730.

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How to Tell If You Need a Breast Lift

Pregnancy, lifestyle changes, weight fluctuations, and aging all have profound effects on a woman’s body.

In our youth, breasts are full, plump, and sit high on the chest. As time goes on, it is perfectly normal to experience a reduction in breast shape and position.

As this occurs, many women seek some form of breast enhancement procedure to revitalize their breasts and restore them to their youthful glory.

But how do you know if a breast lift is the correct procedure for you? Follow this advice to find out.

Does the Appearance of Your Breasts Concern You?

The crucial factor determining your suitability for a breast lift is how you feel about your breasts and whether they make you feel self-conscious in any way. If you are not happy with the position of your breasts, areolas, and nipples, you should at least consider having a consultation with a leading breast enhancement expert to see if the procedure can help you be more satisfied with your body.

If, for example, choosing a new push-up bra still doesn’t give the perky look you want, you may want to think about a breast lift.

Are Your Nipples and Areolas Pointing Down?

Aesthetically pleasing breasts are generally those with nipples that point directly ahead. With sagging breasts, the nipples and areolas (the darker patches of skin surrounding the nipples) almost always point down toward the ground.

As you look in the mirror, do your nipples look back at you? If not, you might want to consider a breast lift, which will not only make your breasts sit higher on your chest, but also reposition the nipples.

Nipples Below the Crease

The position of the nipples doesn’t necessarily need to be straight down to consider a breast lift. If you can see your nipples sit below the natural crease formed between your breast and chest skin, a breast lift can pull the nipples higher into a prouder, more assertive position.

Loose Breasts

If your breasts swing significantly when you work out or when you don’t wear a bra, this could be due to stretching of the skin causing them to sit lower and move in relation to your body. A breast lift removes excess skin, reduces stretching, and pulls the breasts higher onto the chest, thus eliminating much of the movement experienced with saggy breasts.

Fredericksburg’s Leading Breast Lift Specialists

The pain point to ask yourself when considering a breast lift is: Do I want one? If you are content with the way your breasts look, you likely do not need a breast lift. If, however, you wish more for your breasts and would like to see them sit higher and tighter on your chest, a breast lift could be for you.

If you also want your breasts to be larger, you may wish to consider a breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team of plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, either by calling 540-371-7730 or filling out our online form, to discuss what options are available to you to enhance the appearance of your breasts.

Mommy Makeover Series: Breast Implants – Breast Lift

You’re a mother, and you love being one. You wouldn’t change anything in the world about motherhood – except for one thing: your body.

You had a different body before pregnancy; you felt confident, healthy, and you even turned a head or two. You’ve sacrificed for your children, and that’s okay – but you want to feel proud of your body again. You want to look in that mirror and feel confident. You want to go into that closet and fit into your best clothes. You can get that feeling again with a mommy makeover and with one mommy makeover procedure in particular: the breast lift with implants.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, elevates your breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. A breast lift reshapes the breast to a more youthful form, and it resizes overly large nipples that were stretched by sagging breasts.

Breast Implants (Mammoplasty)

While a breast lift can reshape your breasts, addressing volume loss is another issue. Many women experience volume loss once lactation and breastfeeding are over. Pregnancy has stolen both size and volume from your breasts, and they need help!

To address both issues, the breast lift can be paired with breast implants. A breast lift with implants can:

  • Restore volume loss due to breastfeeding
  • Reposition and elevate sagging breasts
  • Create a perkier shape
  • Resize overly large nipples
  • Enhance the cleavage

Choosing Breast Surgery

The decision to get breast surgery is a big one. It is a major procedure, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Being fully informed is vital to making the right choice, that’s why a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is critical. A qualified surgeon should be able to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Don’t forget to ask your surgeon these questions about the breast lift with implants:

  • Am I a candidate for the breast lift with implants?
  • How frequently do you perform this procedure?
  • What are your qualifications for performing the breast lift with implants?

Contact us today for your consultation to determine if breast augmentation is right for you. Call us at (540) 371-7730 or contact us online today.

Will You Be Mine? Top Reasons to Say Yes to Breast Surgery This Valentine’s Day

The love month is not just for couples. Whether you’re single or in a happy long distance relationship, you can still celebrate the day of hearts with something special.

That said, if you don’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day, may we suggest a cosmetic procedure that can help increase your love for yourself, and that is no other than breast enhancement surgery.

People enhance their breasts for a myriad of reasons. Some choose to get breast implants because they want to improve the proportion of their body. Others choose to reduce their breast size surgically so they can try high-intensity sports or to feel comfortable. Whatever the reason is, many breast surgery patients enjoy one common benefit, and that is they love their bodies more.

A Few Reasons for Breast Surgery

If you are hesitant to try breast surgery, here are additional reasons to consider this life-enhancing procedure:

Increased Confidence

When you know you look good, you can’t help but change the way you feel for the better. Confidence can take you to many places. If you’re confident, you won’t shy away from putting yourself “out there”.

Male breast reduction surgery can help sculpt the upper body in men to make them look a bit more masculine. An enhanced appearance can give a guy the confidence to go out there and perhaps meet a special someone.

Help Reach Weight Loss Goals

Breast surgery can help you reach your goals in round about ways. For instance, if you’re unmotivated to go to the gym because it’s uncomfortable to exercise with overly large breasts, then a breast reduction surgery may be just the ticket to fix this issue, and get you going to the gym.

Prepare for Beach Season

Bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces all look great on a woman who feels great about herself. You don’t have to be 100% ‘bikini ready’ to be 100% confident in yourself. If you feel that a breast augmentation surgery, a breast lift, can put you over the edge and make this summer something special, then why not take the plunge on surgery and then buy yourself a plunging one-piece?

If you’re looking to show off a new you this summer, the best time to schedule a procedure is now. It takes about three to six weeks to recover fully from a breast surgery. Plus, the weather is still cool at this time of the year, so recovery will be more comfortable than if you schedule a surgery in the warmer months.

Schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg today to learn other ways how breast surgery can increase your love for your body.

May Is Mom’s Month … Time for a Mommy Makeover!

We’re continuing our celebration of moms all throughout May. They sacrifice so much for us and do so willingly, but one unfortunate thing many moms have given up is the body they used to love. Don’t despair, moms. We can help restore your pre-baby body with a Mommy Makeover. Wonderful children and a sexy body, too—who says you can’t have it all?

Has Pregnancy Changed Your Body?

Being a mom is filled with sacrifices, but your body doesn’t have to be one of them. Many women experience unwanted changes to their body and appearance during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, including:

  • Breast Changes– The breasts may become larger or smaller and often develop sagging.
  • Unwanted Fat Deposits– Hormone changes can lead to stubborn fat pockets in areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc.
  • Stretch Marks– Stretch marks are common after pregnancy due to the quick expansion of the abdomen.
  • Loose Abdominal Skin– Abdominal skin and muscles can be stretched out, resulting in a post-baby belly that is difficult to tighten up, even when you return to your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Changes to Genitalia– Changes to the labia and vagina are common. Some women experience discomfort, especially during exercise.

If pregnancy changed your body, a Mommy Makeover may be able to reverse some of those changes. Say goodbye to post-baby belly and sagging breasts!

Is My Mommy Makeover Customized to My Needs?

A Mommy Makeover is highly customizable, designed to meet your unique needs and desires. During your consultation, we’ll examine your body, discuss your goals, and offer treatment recommendations. We may recommend procedures like breast augmentation, a breast lift, a tummy tuckliposuction, etc. These surgeries can often be combined, reducing the amount of time you’ll need to spend in recovery.

Everyone should love their bodies—especially mothers! Schedule your Mommy Makeover consultation today by calling 540-371-7730.

Breast Augmentation Myths vs. Reality

Are you thinking about breast augmentation? Make sure you know the truth about the procedure. There are many breast augmentation myths out there that tend to confuse potential patients. Today, let’s debunk some of these common myths. Have heard any of the myths on our list?

Breast Augmentation Myth #1 – Breast Implants Must Be Replaced Every Ten Years

It is a common misconception that implants need to be replaced every ten years.  There is no exact expiration date when it comes to breast implants. If you are happy with your Breast Implants at 10 years and there are no problems with them then there is no reason to replace them.

Breast Augmentation Myth #2 – Silicone Implants Are Always Better than Saline

Many women have heard that silicone implants are the best. In reality, both saline and silicone implants can be a good choice. Each implant type has its unique advantages. Saline implants are available for cosmetic enhancement at a younger age (18+), while silicone implants are only recommended for women who are 22 and older. Saline implants may be able to be placed endoscopically for a smaller incision. Additionally, it is easier to spot a rupture with a saline implant. Silicone implants are lighter and, in some cases, more natural feeling. They may be more expensive than saline. We’ll help you determine which implant type best meets your needs.

Breast Augmentation Myth #3 – Breast Augmentation Can Fix Saggy Breasts

Breast augmentation increases breast size but, if you have sagging, it isn’t the complete solution. We often recommend pairing a breast lift with breast augmentation for women who have advanced breast sagging. By pairing these procedures together, we can simultaneously address size, shape, and breast position. These two procedures can be performed together to reduce downtime.

Breast Augmentation Myth #4 – You Can’t Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation

If you’re planning future children and want to breastfeed, you may be able to—even with implants. Many women go on to successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation. If you’re thinking about future breastfeeding, tell us before your surgery. Certain incision types and implant placements are more conducive to breastfeeding success.

Breast Augmentation Myth #5 – You Can Easily Spot Women with Implants

Think you can easily spot women with implants? You’re probably wrong. Odds are you know many women with breast implants … the checker at the grocery store, your child’s teacher, your aunt, your best friend! Many women have implants and you often can’t tell unless they tell you.

The key to natural looking results is choosing the right implant. During your consultation, we’ll take your anatomy (including your build, the size of your chest wall, and the amount of breast tissue you already have) into consideration to create your ideal breasts. We’ll even let you “test drive” your new implants so you can be sure you have it right.

Call us today at 540-371-7730 to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.

Breast Implant Revision or Removal?

Q: How can I tell if I need Breast Implant Revision?

A: If there is firmness, shape change or pain it indicates a capsular contracture. In addition with time, gravity and childbirth drooping can occur which can also be treated.

Q: Why consider a breast implant removal?

A: Only if there is dissatisfaction with the increased volume.

Q: What should be my main concerns when choosing new breast implant sizes?

A: Usually to see any significant increase in size a patient needs to add at least 100 cc’s to the existing implant.

Q: Can I increase the size of my exiting breast implants?

A: Yes, if they are saline implants usually a small amount of fluid can be added to the existing implants. However, new implants are usually necessary to obtain significant change in size.

Q: What are common breast implant complaints?

A: Firmness, Asymmetry, and discomfort.

Q: How does breast implant revision work? Is it the same as a breast augmentation?

A: It usually does not require any muscle revision, but it may require possible scar release.

Q: How does breast implant removal work?

A: This can frequently be performed under local anesthetic through a small incision in the fold under the breast.

Q: How long should I wait before revising my breast implants?

A: If an augmentation was just performed, then a patient should wait at least 3 months before considering any changes.

Winter and Plastic Surgery: The Best Treatments to Get NOW!

Winter is an ideal time for plastic surgery. While you can achieve stunning results any time of the year, many patients find that the recovery is easier when the weather cools down. Take advantage of the winter weather and book your next cosmetic treatment with Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. You’ll love your results whether you opt for surgery in the winter or the summer. If you have surgery now, you will be ready for next summer and bathing suit season.

Which procedures are best in the winter? Let’s take a peek at a few of our top picks for winter.

Breast Augmentation

Be bikini ready by summer with breast augmentation this winter. If you want to increase your breast volume, breast augmentation is the surgery for you. This procedure pairs nicely with a breast lift if you need to correct any breast sagging.

Why is breast augmentation better in the winter? It takes time to achieve your final results and winter surgery gets you ready for the big reveal when summer hits.


If you want a hot summer body, winter is the time to think about lipo. Liposuction shapes and sculpts the body by removing stubborn, unwanted fat cells. This procedure is a great option for love handles, belly fat, saddlebags, double chins, etc.

Why should you consider winter liposuction? After treatment you’ll need to wear a compression garment for several weeks. The extra layer of clothes during the summer can be uncomfortable but, during the winter, you’re already bundled up. Expect some swelling, especially in the first weeks after surgery. You’ll be grateful for bulky clothing to help hide any swelling that does occur. Lipo now … gorgeous body later!


Rediscover a younger looking you with a facelift. This procedure removes excess skin and fat and retightens facial muscles. One surgery can help you look up to 10 years younger.

Winter is a prime time for facelift surgery. A perk of a winter facelift? Hats and scarves are the perfect way to hide incisions and bruising as you heal.

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, winter is a good time to take the plunge. Call 540-371-7730 today and schedule your appointment to take advantage of winter’s plastic surgery benefits.

Important Questions to Ask During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you come in for your breast augmentation consultation, we welcome questions. In fact, we encourage them. We want our patients to feel comfortable going into surgery and find that clear communication between the patient and surgeon is the best way to achieve this. Come with a list of questions prepared so you don’t forget what you want to know.

Don’t know what to ask? Here are some great questions to ask during your breast augmentation consultation.

Are You Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

The choice of surgeon is one of the biggest factors in determining the success of your breast augmentation. Choose a surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. We’ve got some great information about the importance of certification (and how to check if your surgeon is certified) here.

Where Will You Perform the Surgery?

Where will your surgery be performed? Here at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, we perform all surgeries in our accredited surgery center.

Can I See Before-and-After Photos?

Before-and-after photos can help you determine if you’ll be happy with the results of your surgery. Ask specifically for photos of patients who received a similar type implant, placement and incision to the one you’re planning. Remember, cosmetic surgeries are part surgery, but also part cosmetic. The goal is to find a great surgeon who shares similar aesthetic goals as you do.

How Will I Know I’ve Chosen the Right Size Implants?

Before surgery, you need to know that you’ll be happy with your final breast size. We use sizers to help patients “test drive” their implants so you can be sure you’ve chosen the right size.

What Type of Implants Would You Recommend?

Your anatomy, goals and preferences will play a big role in determining whether saline or silicone implants are right for you. Ask your surgeon what they would recommend. Sometimes the choice is yours, while other times, your surgeon will have a clear preference about which implant will work best for your situation.

Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Some breast augmentation patients also need a breast lift for optimal results. After an examination, we can determine if you need a lift, but in general, you may need one if your nipple is lower than the fold at the bottom of your breast.

What Should I Expect During Recovery?

Knowing what to expect during recovery can help you as you make plans and prepare for surgery. Your surgeon can explain pain management options, recovery restrictions and how long you’ll need to take off from work.  One last question to ask would be if EXPAREL® PAIN MANAGEMENT is offered. EXPAREL® is a slow-release analgesic that is injected into the new-surgical incision upon completion of the procedure. EXPAREL® can minimize post-operative pain and maximize comfort up to 72 hours.

Make your list of breast augmentation questions and then call us at 540-371-7730 to schedule your consultation.