Selecting the Right Implant Profile

Breast augmentations are by far the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S., with over 300,000 implant surgeries done each year. As techniques have evolved, and implant design has developed, women can now choose from an array of implants sizes and shapes that result in different breast profiles.

As the number of breast implant surgeries has increased, however, so too have the number of breast implant revision surgeries. There are many reasons why patients may change their minds about their implants; change of lifestyle, change of aesthetic goals with age and career development, or dissatisfaction with the results from the initial procedure are just a few.

To minimize the likelihood of needing revision surgery and getting complete satisfaction from your breast augmentation treatment, patients must choose an appropriate breast implant to begin with. A critical component of this process is selecting the correct “profile.”

What is Breast Implant Profile?

Essentially, the profile of an implant is the height or depth of the implant. The higher the profile, the more volume the implant has. The implant’s profile determines how much the implant causes the breasts to stick out from the chest; the higher the profile, the more augmented the breasts appear.

To use an extreme example, in her Baywatch heyday, Pamela Anderson had implants with a particularly large profile. Her breasts were obviously augmented, and this aesthetic had been popular during the ’90s and early 2000s.

Increasingly, however, women are turning away from high-profile, larger volume implants and moving towards lower-profile implants that provide more structure to the breasts as opposed to obvious size.

The Differences Between High and Low Profile Implants

High profile implants provide a thoroughly buxom aesthetic, causing the breasts to protrude off of the chest significantly. They can also positively benefit nipple position, moving it into a higher, more forward spot.

However, complications are more likely to arise with higher implant profiles. Many petite women who have chosen high profile implants have gone on to experience shoulder, back, and postural problems caused by the disproportionate weight of the implants relative to their natural frame.

On the other hand, lower profile implants cause the breasts to sit higher on the chest in a firm, supple position while providing subtle shape and structure.

This aesthetic aligns much more with a fit appearance, which is why plastic surgeons are noticing a trend towards smaller breast implants. These options better reflect the increasingly active lifestyles of women around America.

Implants with a lower profile provide stunning aesthetic results, which are more subtle than higher profile implants. In some cases, patients opt for a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation, which often provides an incredibly satisfying, youthful aesthetic to the breasts, with firm, youthful positioning high on the chest, with nipples and areolas proudly facing forward.

The choice is ultimately up to you, so you should do everything you can to give your surgeon the best idea of what you want.

The Rice Test

One handy technique to help visualize your breast implants is the rice test, which offers a great way to test drive your implants before surgery.

To get started, cut off the foot part of old pantyhose, fill it with rice, tie it off, and place it in your bra to see how it changes the aesthetic of your breasts. Changing the amount of rice and the shape of your “rice bag” can really help give you a clear idea of what you want your breast implants to look like. You can then take your pantyhose-rice-implant to your surgeon to help them visualize the correct implant size and profile for you.

The critical thing to know, going into any breast augmentation surgery is to be clear on the results you want. We suggest you be ready to discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon and do your own research.

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