If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, now is a good time to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The procedure and recovery times are much faster than people realize. You can be back on your feet and feeling good about yourself just in time to wear tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits this summer.

Most women who consult with us are busy with responsibilities at home and at work. They often are relieved to learn that breast augmentation is a same-day procedure, and they can go home the day of the operation.

The surgery can be performed in a hospital, at an outpatient facility or in an office surgery setting.

It is important that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for best results.  It is also important to make sure the outpatient surgical center or the office surgical setting is accredited. This assures that the center meets medical standards.

The surgery itself takes no longer than an hour or two. After another half-hour of recovery, patients can go home in the accompaniment of a friend or family member.

Patients can resume most normal activities, including work, within three to five days.

Strenuous activities such as heavy lifting should be avoided for the first few weeks, along with aerobic exercise, swimming and contact sports.

Mild swelling can take a couple of weeks to go away. Some patients also experience a little bruising, but it fades within a few weeks.

You will notice right away an improvement in your breast size.

Within a few months the implants will settle into place and soften. Once they settle and the muscle relaxes, they look very natural.

During the first follow-up visit, a nurse or doctor will show you how to massage your breasts to help the implants settle into place and to soften. Occasionally, patients are given breast binders to wear that aid in this process.

There will be other follow-up visits, which are necessary to monitor your progress.

One patient told us she attended a dinner party just two days after surgery. She was able to wear a bikini about a week after the procedure.  The patient was pleased that the incision marks were immediately hidden by her bikini top and that she didn’t have any bruising.

Breast augmentation provides pleasing results with minimal recovery. Afterward, patients often tell us that the procedure not only improves their appearance, but also their self-confidence.

To get the results you desire, be sure you communicate your goals with your surgeon, and together you can make the decision that is right for you.

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