Love Your Look

The Ultimate ‘Mommy Makeover’

You love being a mom.

You don’t like what motherhood has done to your body.

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding have taken a toll on your figure.

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For Men, It’s the Midsection or Face that Often Prompts Action

Spare tires belong in car trunks, not around men’s waists.

Men naturally store fat in the abdominal area.

That spare tire is not just unattractive, it’s unhealthy.

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Refresh Your Face, With Long Lasting Results

Ready to look as young as you feel?

People often tell us they’re working hard at staying healthy. Yet years of sun damage and aging are catching up to them. Their faces do not reflect their youthful attitudes.

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Erase 10 Years from Your Face… in Less than a Week

Want to look 10 years younger? Most women and men of “a certain age” do.

People often confide to us that their faces appear older than they themselves feel. They have had family members, friends or co-workers comment that they look angry or tired, when they are not. Some patients are concerned that their appearance may even be holding them back on the job.

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Beyond breast enhancement: losing those ‘love handles’

When women talk to us about breast enhancement, they often mention other areas of their bodies that they would like to improve.

Some patients tell us that no matter how much they diet and exercise, they can’t get rid of the “love handles” around their midsections and “saddlebag” thighs. They want their bodies to look as fit and youthful on the outside as they themselves feel on the inside.

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Plastic Surgery in Pairs

Patients Often Pursue Plastic Surgery in Pairs.  It’s always more fun to do something with a friend.

Many of our patients tell us they prefer having cosmetic surgery about the same time as a close friend or relative.  Some consider it a bonding experience – a new and exciting adventure for couples, friends, mothers and daughters.

Plastic surgery buddies can provide moral and emotional support before and after the procedure.

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