Pain Relief (New)


Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg introduces EXPAREL® PAIN MANAGEMENT. Our board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Heppe and Dr. Bautista, and board eligible Dr. Aflaki are always researching ways to improve the patient’s experience, and the doctors feel this new product will significantly enhance post operative comfort.

What is EXPAREL®?

EXPAREL® is a slow-release analgesic that is injected into the new-surgical incision upon completion of the procedure. EXPAREL® can minimize post-operative pain and maximize comfort up to 72 hours.

Being pain-free without the necessity of opioid drugs would certainly be of interest to a lot of people that do not like taking drugs or do not like the “drugged” feeling. For those unable to take opioid drugs this is wonderful news. Maximize pain relief without the need for catheters or pumps which are bulky and cumbersome.

Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg has been the area’s premier provider of cosmetic surgery since 1983. Its surgeons Dr. Heppe and Dr. Bautista are board certified in plastic surgery, and Dr. Aflaki is board eligible. The practice has an accredited surgical facility for cosmetic procedures and its surgeons have privileges at Mary Washington Hospital, Stafford Hospital and Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

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