Mommy Makeover Series: Recovery

When you have a mommy makeover, you’re making a big investment in your physical and mental health. Common mommy makeover procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery and labiaplasty, can reduce pain and discomfort over the long term by correcting damage done to the abdomen and vagina during pregnancy and childbirth. If you are having a tummy tuck as part of your mommy makeover, here’s what you can do to reduce the amount of pain you experience and ensure a speedy recovery:

5 Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips

  1. Arrange to take at least one week off of work after you have a tummy tuck

You’ll need to wear surgical drains for about a week after your tummy tuck… And these aren’t an encumbrance you’ll want to have to deal with while you’re busy at the office! As such, you should book a week off of work following your tummy tuck in order to allow your body to dedicate all of its energy to healing.

  1. Have help if you have young children

You won’t be able to lift more than 25 pounds for about a month after having a tummy tuck. If your children are still young (as in, under the age of six) you will therefore need help with childcare duties while you recover from your mommy makeover with tummy tuck.

  1. Set up a “recovery area” for yourself

You will have to get up and walk around a little bit each day after you have surgery in order to maintain good blood flow and minimize the risk of blood clots.

To avoid unnecessary pain, we recommend that you create a special “recovery area” that contains everything you will need within easy reach. Your recovery area should include:

  • Any medications you will be taking. Taking pain medication on a regular schedule is necessary in order to prevent pain flare-ups. (Pain is much easier to prevent than it is to control once it has already occurred.)
  • Device chargers. Make sure to situate all of your device chargers in a location where you can reach them without having to bend over.
  • A bed with at least four pillows, or a recliner. You will need to keep both your head and feet slightly elevated while you rest, so having additional pillows or using a recliner is helpful. You may also find a full body pillow useful.
  1. Exparel

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  1. Ask your surgeon for recovery instructions

Each mommy makeover with tummy tuck procedure has its own post-operative protocol—and it’s incredibly important that you adhere to said protocol. Because you will be groggy right after you have a mommy makeover with tummy tuck, we advise obtaining a document that outlines the steps you should take to recover safely from each procedure you’ve had. Make a few copies of this document and give a copy to your partner or your caregiver (keep a copy for yourself as well). This will ensure that you don’t overlook any important steps while healing.

If you have any further questions about mommy makeover recovery or you wish to book a consultation, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to guide you throughout your mommy makeover journey and make sure that you achieve the body of your dreams.