I’m Interested in BOTOX®, but Don’t Want to Look Fake … Is There Anything I Can Do?

If there’s one thing BOTOX® is famous for, it is frozen faces. But, those jokes you hear aren’t necessarily the truth. Last year 6.7 million botulinum toxin treatments were performed, a record setting number. Of course, BOTOX® wouldn’t be so popular if it created fake looking faces. Come give BOTOX® a try and you’ll quickly see why this treatment is consistently a consumer favorite. BOTOX® results are very natural looking if you keep the following in mind.

The Injector You Choose Matters

When it comes to BOTOX®, or any other cosmetic treatment for that matter, experience matters. Choose an injector that is highly skilled and trained in using BOTOX®. This ensures the best possible results. The board certified surgeons here at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredricksburg have extensive experience with anti-aging treatments, including BOTOX®. We’ll use our skill and experience to give you the best possible, natural looking BOTOX® results.

A Little Goes a Long Way

BOTOX® works by reducing muscle movement specifically in the muscles that cause wrinkles. It can be a very effective treatment for crow’s feet, lines between the brow, forehead lines, etc. This powerful anti-aging treatment is very effective and a little goes a long way. Frozen looking faces are potentially possible, but only if too much BOTOX® is used. With the right amount, muscles will relax and wrinkles will fade away, but you’ll still be able to make normal facial expressions. With the right injector, no one will know you’ve had BOTOX® but you (but they will know you look amazing).

Safe and Effective

BOTOX® has been used for decades and is considered one of the safest anti-aging treatments available. It is minimally invasive, non-surgical, and requires no recovery period. Many of our patients come in on lunch and head right back to work.

Not Just for Wrinkles

BOTOX® isn’t just for wrinkles. It has many medical uses as well. Some of our patients use BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis, or severe sweating. BOTOX® can halt nerve impulses that stimulate sweat glands under the arm. This treatment is FDA approved and a very effective option for those that sweat too much. If you’re embarrassed by constantly wet underarms, come see us and ask about BOTOX®.

Is BOTOX® Right for Me?

BOTOX® is an excellent choice for many of our patients. If you’re interested in finding out if BOTOX® will benefit you, make an appointment for a consultation and come see us. We can help you determine if BOTOX® is the right treatment or if you’d see better results from something else. Call us today at 540-371-7730 to schedule your appointment.