How Can a Breast Lift Transform Your Appearance?

Good news: You don’t have to live with sagging or deflated breasts anymore. You can regain a youthful, upward curve and reclaim your self-esteem. Through surgery, we can resolve the effects of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, hormonal changes, and nursing. Your board-certified plastic surgeon from Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg understands the importance of breast appearance and a woman’s sense of femininity. Each has an artistic eye and the surgical expertise to achieve highly satisfying results for their patients.

Achieving Youthful-Looking Breasts

The hallmarks of youthful breasts are volume and position. Unfortunately, women tend to lose breast volume with age. Also, physical changes from pregnancy often leave women with volume loss.

Breast augmentation can restore or add fullness to flat, pendulous breasts via saline or silicone implants or fat transfer. Sometimes, a breast augmentation as a stand-alone procedure is enough for a lifted appearance. However, when breasts droop or sag severely, or when a significant amount of tissue has stretched out, leaving excess skin, a breast lift is often the best option.

Improving Natural Breast Contour

A breast lift can effectively lift the breast contour to a more youthful elevation.

Breasts come in different sizes and shapes. Your breast shape should complement your entire body, but when they flatten and sag, they detract from your attractive figure.

Our surgeons believe in enhancing a woman’s natural beauty, including her breasts. Therefore, they will examine your breasts and body type during your consultation to determine the right amount of lift.

If your breasts are petite or have lost volume, combining a breast lift with implants can be an excellent way to increase the size and improve shape and firmness.

How Does a Breast Lift Help Me Look Better?

With its ability to create a more aesthetically pleasing contour, the breast lift is undoubtedly one of the most valuable cosmetic procedures for women with drooping breast concerns. But, arguably more valuable than enhancing your figure is the boost in confidence and self-esteem a breast lift can deliver. Countless Northern Virginia women have undergone breast lifts at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg with results that have enriched their lives.

What About Breastfeeding

Many women are concerned with their ability to breastfeed after a breast lift. The breast lift does not interfere with a woman’s ability to nurse her baby. However, having children after a breast lift may reverse some of your results.

Want to Love Your Breast Lift?

Deciding to get breast lift surgery can be challenging. To learn about the breast surgery options in Fredericksburg, Richmond, Fairfax, and beyond, contact our office or call us today at (540) 371-7730.

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