Get Your Best Summer Body with Liposuction

In this age of innovative nonsurgical fat removal procedures, it can be easy to forget the unique advantages of liposuction… And this is a shame, because if you’re looking to sculpt the perfect summer body, liposuction may well be the best tool to use. Before you pass over this tried, tested, and true fat removal procedure, take a moment to consider its many benefits:

The Top 6 Advantages of Having Liposuction

1. Liposuction is extremely versatile.

Most nonsurgical fat removal procedures use an applicator tool that “sucks in” the flesh that’s being treated. This means that these treatments are not usually suitable for use on very small or inflexible areas, like the hands, ankles, or feet. Additionally, patients who have very dense fat may not respond well to nonsurgical treatments as the applicator device won’t be able to pull in enough tissue to be truly effective. Liposuction, on the other hand, can be used virtually anywhere on the body (thanks to the availability of ultra-thin cannulas), and on any patient.

2. Liposuction produces quick results.

While nonsurgical fat removal can be very effective, it takes a while to work its magic. Most patients have to wait at least two to three months to really see the results of these procedures. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for nonsurgical fat removal procedures to require more than one treatment session, sometimes spaced weeks apart. In other words, if you’re looking to get the perfect body by June, you have to start in the middle of winter. Liposuction, on the other hand, is virtually instantaneous. Once the patient leaves the plastic surgeon’s office, his or her unwanted fat is gone—permanently. All he or she has to do is wait a week or two for any residual swelling to subside, and it will be time to pull out the shorts and swimwear.

3. Liposuction is more affordable than most people realize.

Usually, surgical procedures are a fair bit more expensive than their nonsurgical counterparts as they’re more difficult to administer. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with liposuction. Because it’s such a straightforward and relatively quick operation, it only costs $2000-3000 on average. This is about the same as the average total cost of having CoolSculpting. Patients are therefore free to choose between liposuction and alternative options based on which choice fits their preferences the best; cost isn’t an obstacle either way.

4. Recovering from liposuction is easier than you think

Recovery from liposuction takes about one week, and it isn’t usually particularly painful. Patients will generally be given prescription painkillers and compression garments in order to help keep soreness and swelling to an absolute minimum.

It’s important to be aware that pain-sensitive individuals usually experience some degree of post-procedure pain after having nonsurgical fat reduction, too, so avoiding surgery isn’t a surefire way to avoid pain. Once again, you should choose the procedure that fits your needs best; if you experience pain, your surgeon will intervene to help you manage it effectively. When it comes to providing aftercare, board certified plastic surgeons are generally extremely thorough.

5. Having liposuction can actually improve your health.

Most people don’t associate plastic surgery with health benefits, but they should. A number of cosmetic procedures have medical uses as well, and liposuction is no exception. According to a study published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2011, having abdominal liposuction can reduce a patient’s level of blood triglycerides by an astonishing 43%. This is extremely significant because high circulating levels of triglycerides are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease. In short, getting that summer body you’ve always dreamed of might actually save your life.

As the list above shows, there are many reasons why liposuction remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. If you’re tired of dealing with distracting bulges, don’t ignore this quick, safe, and amazingly effective body sculpting procedure. It just might be exactly what you’re looking for.