Rhinoplasty in Fredericksburg, VA

When something is not right with the look of your nose, it is practically impossible to ignore it. You are reminded every time you look in the mirror. The importance of a proportional nose is evident in the fact that nose surgery has been one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for decades.

At Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg in Northern Virginia, our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Heppe, Dr. Bautista, and Dr. Aflaki specialize in rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) for patients who want to bring their nose into harmony with their other facial features.

What You Should Know about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose in order to improve its appearance. Common reasons for nose surgery include:

  • Reducing the size of the nose
  • Correcting a prominent nose hump
  • Refining the tip of the nose
  • Decreasing the width of the nostrils
  • Correcting nose asymmetry

We also perform rhinoplasty to correct damage caused by a nose injury or a previous nose surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Some of our rhinoplasty patients come to us for revision rhinoplasty, which means that they have already undergone one or more nose surgeries with another surgeon. Revisions are typically more complex than a primary rhinoplasty because there is often scar tissue, compromised cartilage, and changes in skin thickness.  Our facility is fully accredited and meets the highest of medical standards.

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Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Our surgeons perform rhinoplasty using either an open or a closed approach, depending on the anatomy of your nose and the extent of the concerns to be addressed.

Open rhinoplasty utilizes tiny incisions made from the outside of the nose, while closed rhinoplasty does not require any external incisions. Although a closed rhinoplasty involves no visible scarring, the tiny scar from an open rhinoplasty is, in most cases, practically undetectable.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Recovery from nose surgery is relatively straightforward. After the procedure, you can expect to wear a splint to protect the new shape of your nose. You will also experience some swelling and bruising for a short period of time.

Follow-up appointments and adhering to your doctor’s guidelines are essential, as your nose may continue to change in subtle ways for up to a year after surgery.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

View nose job before and after pictures by visiting our photo gallery.

Rhinoplasty Before & After Gallery

View Our Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery

Rhinoplasty may be more affordable than you expect. Visit our fees and financing page for more information about rhinoplasty cost, including discounts and financing arrangements.

To find out how nose surgery can give you a new look, call Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg for a consultation at (540) 371-7730, or contact us online today.

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Rhinoplasty FAQs

What Is Rhinoplasty, and What Does It Help Treat?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery that helps reshape, resize, or correct functional or aesthetic problems of the nose.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Heppe, Dr. Bautista, and Dr. Aflaki, use rhinoplasty to help create more harmony and symmetry with other facial features and repair nasal structural problems. The smallest adjustments to the nose can make a dramatic improvement to the overall facial appearance.

Reasons patients undergo rhinoplasty:

  • Reducing the size and shape of the nose
  • Correcting bumps or dips
  • Refining or reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Reshaping the nostrils
  • Correcting nose asymmetry
  • Help with trouble breathing
  • Correcting past trauma to the nose
What Can I Expect From a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Plan on having a close friend or relative drive you home from surgery and help you at home during your recovery. Typically, the process takes two hours or less to perform, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Will My Rhinoplasty Change My Whole Facial Structure?

The wonderful thing about rhinoplasty is that it’s customizable. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, the doctors at PSSF asses all of your facial features together and collaborate with you to develop a surgical plan that addresses your concerns while still preserving your unique traits.

How Can Rhinoplasty Improve the Function of My Nose?

While rhinoplasty is often associated with cosmetic corrections for the nose, it can also improve the overall nasal function. Breathing problems are typically the result of a deviated septum or other structural imperfections within the nose. Minor deformities caused by injury or hereditary causes can lead to ongoing breathing issues and other discomforts. Some symptoms include congestion, chronic sinus infections, headaches, nosebleeds, and trouble sleeping.

A deviated septum can be treated by opening up and clearing your airways. Breathing will be easier, unpleasant symptoms alleviated, allowing for a more restful sleep.

Can Rhinoplasty Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Yes! Rhinoplasty is often performed together with a variety of other surgical and non-surgical procedures. Some patients choose dermal fillers or BOTOX® to include with their nose job to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Surgical procedures that are often paired with rhinoplasty are facelift, brow lift, and neck lift to help create an overall balance to the facial features. Combining surgical procedures can help to reduce your downtime and achieve a more youthful appearance with just one surgery.