Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Labiaplasty but Were Afraid to Ask

Ladies—let’s get personal. We’re going to answer some of the questions we know you have, but feel too embarrassed to ask. Let’s talk labiaplasty!

My Labia Are Longer and Stretched Out After Pregnancy/Childbirth. What Can I Do?

Pregnancy and childbirth can change the appearance of the labia, sometimes leaving them stretched out or larger than they were before. Labiaplasty is the solution. This procedure can improve the appearance of the labia and resize them if they are large or stretched out. It is often performed on women with naturally large labia, women who are unhappy with the changes to their body after pregnancy/childbirth, and women who want to rejuvenate the appearance of their genitals.

Running Is Uncomfortable Down There. Could Labiaplasty Help?

Labiaplasty isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. Some women opt for the surgery due to discomfort they experience from rubbing and chafing, especially during exercise. Labiaplasty may help you to feel more comfortable when running, biking, or participating in other sports. For many women, labiaplasty boosts self-confidence while relieving pain and discomfort.

What Does Labiaplasty Surgery Entail?

Labiaplasty transforms the appearance of the labia, most frequently the labia minora (or the inner lips surrounding the entrance to the vagina). It can resize, correct asymmetry, etc. This makes the labia more aesthetically pleasing and alleviates any discomfort or irritation you may be experiencing. The surgery is typically performed using local anesthetic or IV sedation, and is on an outpatient basis in our accredited surgery center.

What’s Recovery Like After Labiaplasty?

You’ll need to refrain from sexual activity for several weeks but, other than that, most women find the recovery to be easy with little downtime. We will provide tips, advice, and/or medication to minimize your discomfort during recovery.

I Want to Know More About Labiaplasty, but I’m Embarrassed to Ask. Help!

Many women feel uncomfortable discussing labiaplasty but, when you’re talking to us, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. We help many women feel more confident and more comfortable with the appearance of their labia. Call us at 540-371-7730 and schedule a consultation with one of our board certified surgeons. We’ll be sensitive to your needs throughout the process. Don’t be embarrassed; call and ask us about labiaplasty today.