Best Cosmetic Procedures to Schedule During Fall

Did you know that certain procedures explode in popularity during the fall and winter seasons? Most people find that it’s easier to schedule a procedure with long recovery periods during their holiday breaks. Additionally, a lot of procedures’ results improve when patients avoid excessive sun exposure during their recovery.

Want to find out which cosmetic procedures are best to try in the fall?

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser uses state-of-the-art technology to reach deep beneath the skin to heal acne, scars, stretch marks, skin discoloration, and sun damage. The laser helps with removing wrinkles and lines while stimulating collagen production—resulting in a skin lifting and tightening effect. You can get the best results by avoiding sun exposure two weeks before the procedure and during the length of the treatment. The best thing you can do to limit risk of overexposure is to schedule your treatments during the fall.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are acidic solutions that are applied to the face to exfoliate the skin, which cause the outer layer of skin along with oils, dirt, dead skin, and other imperfections to peel off and reveal a fresher layer of skin. There are a wide variety of skin peels with different kinds of strengths; the stronger a peel, the more imperfections it can improve. Lighter chemical peels can encourage production of newer skin cells while stronger chemical peels can help improve wrinkles and fine lines, along with removing sun damage. Sun exposure after a chemical peel can lead to skin discoloration—and since skin might be sensitive after a treatment, sun exposure can cause discomfort for the first few weeks of recovery.

Permanent Makeup

Certain people have a perfect “look” that they’re happy to put on every single day. Thankfully, there’s a new procedure that deposits long-lasting pigment in your skin: permanent makeup.  Permanent makeup is perfect for people who want to permanently improve a facial feature like their eyebrows or eyelids without a surgical procedure, or have difficulty applying makeup every day. Permanent makeup creates a long-lasting look by implanting colored pigment into the skin using a rotary pen. Sun exposure after a permanent makeup procedure can affect the longevity of the pigment; to make sure your permanent makeup doesn’t fade right after the procedure, try to limit your sun exposure.

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I Want to Get Ready for Summer … What Are My Options?

Looking gorgeous all summer long doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes a bit of preparation. If you want to look amazing this summer, now’s the time to come on in and see us. We’ve offer a variety of procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) to get ready for summer from head to toe. Call us today and book your appointment.


If stubborn fat is getting in the way of your ideal bikini body, liposuction might be the solution. This procedure suctions away stubborn fat permanently. Liposuction works great on the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and buttocks (and many other areas too) for a beach ready body.

We offer several different types of liposuction including tumescent liposuction and laser assisted SmartLipo.  Come see if liposuction is right for you.

Breast Surgery

Would you like bigger breasts? Have you lost breast volume after pregnancy? Are you starting to sag? We offer a variety of breast surgeries to get your body ready for swimsuit season. Breast augmentation is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and can even be combined with other breast surgeries (like a breast lift). Think of how good you’ll look this summer with a larger bikini top.

Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged breast tissue in males (gynecomastia) is an embarrassing and surprisingly common condition. Men with gynecomastia often avoid taking off their shirts (hard to do when you’re lounging by the pool) due to embarrassment over their physique. Male breast reduction can help men to regain their confidence and achieve their ideal body by removing the excess tissue. We often use liposuction and surgical removal of glandular tissue to restore a masculine shape and create a flatter, smoother chest. We can work with you to create a surgical plan specific to your needs.

Permanent Makeup

Are you sick of your makeup coming off every time you jump in the pool? This summer, look great, even when you’re wet, with permanent makeup.  This procedure implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a specialized rotary pen. The results last for years. This procedure is a great option for enhancing the lips and the eyes without the need for daily makeup application.

Chemical Peel

Summer means a lot of time without makeup. Let’s get your skin looking radiant. A chemical peel can remove dead skin cells, allowing the fresh skin underneath to shine through. This treatment is great for evening out skin tone, fighting fine lines, and dealing with problem skin. It’s very safe and effective.

Are you ready for summer? Come try one (or more) of these procedures and have your most beautiful summer yet. Call Plastic Surgery Services today for your complimentary consultation at 540-371-7730!