Four Tips to Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast enlargement, or gynecomastia, involving one or both sides of the chest, is more common than you might expect and affects many men between the ages of 50 and 69.

Even more surprisingly, true gynecomastia is not caused by excess fat but by hormonal fluctuations producing an imbalance in testosterone and estrogen levels. Since the condition may not be due to lifestyle choices, adopting a vigorous exercise program or following a strict diet may not correct it.

Regardless of the underlying cause, the condition discourages men from wearing their favorite clothing items, such as golf shirts and t-shirts, participating in activities they enjoy, working out at the gym, or spending time on the beach with their families.

Male breast reduction surgery can provide men with an excellent way to flatten their chest and achieve a more masculine appearance.

As with any other plastic surgery procedure, male breast reduction surgery requires some preparation on the patient’s part. Following the tips below will help the patient feel more confident about the procedure, increasing his chances of a smooth surgery and trouble-free recovery.

Determine What You Want From the Procedure

Besides reducing breast tissue, this is an opportunity for you to address other aesthetic issues during the same surgery. These include gland removal, liposuction, as well as skin and tissue removal. Having a good idea of your ultimate goals is a crucial part of being satisfied with the outcome.

Speak With Your Plastic Surgeon About Your Surgery

An essential first step in preparing for your gynecomastia surgery is to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg in Virginia. The reason for working with these professions is that they:

  • Are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the underlying causes of gynecomastia
  • Have performed numerous male breast reduction surgeries using the techniques needed for your procedure
  • Can show you before and after pictures of previous male breast reduction patients

Our plastic surgeons have a detailed understanding of reducing breast tissue in men and recontouring the chest to make it more masculine.

Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

Even though your gynecomastia may not be due to any of your lifestyle choices, it’s essential to follow the guidelines outlined below before your surgery. Doing so will help you establish a healthy lifestyle in advance of your procedure while ensuring that you preserve your results.

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce sugar consumption
  • Lower your alcohol consumption
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid taking steroids or hormonal supplements
  • Avoid smoking tobacco or marijuana products

Prepare for Your Recovery

The most challenging part of your gynecomastia surgery is returning home and starting the recovery process. You’ll need to plan some time away from work and other commitments and be ready to spend at least 48 hours resting. Ask friends and family to help you with household chores.

Your Best Treatment Options for Breast Reduction Surgery

Discovering your best gynecomastia surgery options begins with a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. Please contact or call us today at (540) 371-7730.

Stop Shirtless Stress With Male Breast Reduction

Do you dread a day at the beach? For men with gynecomastia, or excess breast tissue, taking off their shirt can feel like torture. It doesn’t have to be that way. Gynecomastia is highly treatable, often with excellent results. Stop hiding and finally enjoy a shirtless summer!

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an enlargement of the breasts in men. This can occur at any age, but is especially prevalent among teenagers and in older men. It is very common—in fact, approximately 40-60% of all men will experience it at some point in their lives. It can have many causes, including hormones, some medications, certain medical conditions, and weight gain. Whatever the cause, gynecomastia can be an embarrassing condition. Unfortunately, extra time at the gym isn’t the solution; you need surgical help.

Can Male Breast Reduction Help Me?

If you have excess male breast tissue, male breast reduction can likely help you achieve the flat, masculine chest you’re seeking. We often use one of two techniques (or a combination of both) to remove the excess tissue and restore a flatter appearance to your chest: liposuction and surgical excision of glandular tissue.

Liposuction removes excess fat through a small incision using suction. It requires limited downtime (you can return to work in just a couple of days) and can provide excellent results for many patients. If your gynecomastia is caused by glandular tissue as opposed to fat, we may use surgical excision to remove the tissue. This can be combined with liposuction as needed. In some cases, we may remove excess skin that remains after the tissue is removed. Come in for a consultation—we can explain your options and recommend a treatment plan after a careful examination.

We have successfully treated many men with gynecomastia, helping them to look and feel more confident about their bodies. If your chest makes you feel uncomfortable, come see us and explore your options.

Do you have excess male breast tissue? Call our offices today at 540-371-7730 and schedule your consultation. We’ll help you shed that shirt once and for all!

Considering Male Breast Reduction? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Breasts are an asset on women but can cause anguish for men. Men that suffer from gynecomastia, or excess breast tissue, are often embarrassed by their condition. They may slump their shoulders or avoid taking their shirt off in public. This condition is common (up to 60% of men will have it at some point in their lifetime) but, fortunately, highly correctable. If you have male breasts, come in and discuss your options. Male breast reduction surgery can increase your confidence and help you to love your body.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

There is no known cause for overdeveloped breast tissue in men, although there is some correlation to various drugs and medical conditions. Hormonal imbalance may also be a factor in this condition. It can occur at any age, but is more common in teens and adult men over 50. At any age, gynecomastia can take a heavy toll on self-esteem.

What Are My Treatment Options for Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is common but also easily treated. Male breast reduction can be performed to remove the excess tissue and restore a masculine appearance to your chest. We use a few different techniques to achieve the reduction, and these depend on your anatomy. We can discuss the best options for your body during your consultation. The procedures mentioned below typically yield excellent results.

  • Liposuction- Liposuction uses suction to remove fat cells. A small incision is made through which a cannula is placed. Suction is then applied to remove the fat and sculpt the area. Finally, the incision is closed. We offer several different types of liposuction and will select the best option for your condition.
  • Surgical Removal of Glandular Tissue- If glandular tissue is present, we may recommend surgical excision to remove the unwanted tissue. During this procedure, incisions are made, tissue is extracted, and the area is reshaped. Excess skin can also be removed as necessary.
  • A Combination of Both Treatments- Some patients will benefit from both options for male breast reduction.

I Want a More Masculine Appearance. What’s My Next Step?

If you’re ready to explore male breast reduction, call our offices at 540-371-7730 to schedule a consultation. We’ll carefully examine your body and make recommendations to improve the appearance of your chest area. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the procedure. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

I Want to Get Ready for Summer … What Are My Options?

Looking gorgeous all summer long doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes a bit of preparation. If you want to look amazing this summer, now’s the time to come on in and see us. We’ve offer a variety of procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) to get ready for summer from head to toe. Call us today and book your appointment.


If stubborn fat is getting in the way of your ideal bikini body, liposuction might be the solution. This procedure suctions away stubborn fat permanently. Liposuction works great on the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and buttocks (and many other areas too) for a beach ready body.

We offer several different types of liposuction including tumescent liposuction and laser assisted SmartLipo.  Come see if liposuction is right for you.

Breast Surgery

Would you like bigger breasts? Have you lost breast volume after pregnancy? Are you starting to sag? We offer a variety of breast surgeries to get your body ready for swimsuit season. Breast augmentation is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and can even be combined with other breast surgeries (like a breast lift). Think of how good you’ll look this summer with a larger bikini top.

Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged breast tissue in males (gynecomastia) is an embarrassing and surprisingly common condition. Men with gynecomastia often avoid taking off their shirts (hard to do when you’re lounging by the pool) due to embarrassment over their physique. Male breast reduction can help men to regain their confidence and achieve their ideal body by removing the excess tissue. We often use liposuction and surgical removal of glandular tissue to restore a masculine shape and create a flatter, smoother chest. We can work with you to create a surgical plan specific to your needs.

Permanent Makeup

Are you sick of your makeup coming off every time you jump in the pool? This summer, look great, even when you’re wet, with permanent makeup.  This procedure implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a specialized rotary pen. The results last for years. This procedure is a great option for enhancing the lips and the eyes without the need for daily makeup application.

Chemical Peel

Summer means a lot of time without makeup. Let’s get your skin looking radiant. A chemical peel can remove dead skin cells, allowing the fresh skin underneath to shine through. This treatment is great for evening out skin tone, fighting fine lines, and dealing with problem skin. It’s very safe and effective.

Are you ready for summer? Come try one (or more) of these procedures and have your most beautiful summer yet. Call Plastic Surgery Services today for your complimentary consultation at 540-371-7730!

Cosmetic Enhancement for Men- What Are My Options?

Men… Plastic surgery isn’t just for the ladies. You too can enhance your looks, boost your confidence, and maintain the competitive edge in your career through cosmetic enhancement. Take the first step today and learn more about your options. Then, once you see how plastic surgery can benefit you, contact us and schedule a consultation. How will you benefit from male plastic surgery?

Popular Surgical Options for Male Patients

What cosmetic surgical procedures are most popular for male patients? Take a look below:

  • Liposuction– As you get older, it gets harder to keep that stubborn fat off of your waistline. Men naturally store fat across the abdomen and liposuction can help that fat go away. This procedure removes fat deposits using a special suction tube. The surgery takes 1-2 hours and often yields great results, especially if you still have good skin elasticity. If you aren’t getting the fat loss results you’d like from the gym, come try liposuction.
  • Male Breast Reduction– Gynecomastia is a condition where excess breast tissue develops in male patients. Many men find this highly embarrassing. We can remove this excess tissue through liposuction, helping you to restore your confidence and your masculine figure.
  • Blepharoplasty– Do you look tired all of the time, even when you’re well rested? You might benefit from eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). This procedure corrects drooping upper eyelids and can eliminate those puffy bags under the eyes. Look younger and rejuvenated!
  • Post Bariatric Surgery– For patients that have lost a large amount of weight, post bariatric surgery can be a solution to that excess hanging skin. Post-bariatric surgery can tighten up your body, helping you to really appreciate those weight loss results.

Non-Surgical Options

Surgery isn’t the only way for men to enhance their looks. Many of our male patients opt for non-surgical and minimally invasive options.

  • Dermal Fillers– When used properly dermal fillers can enliven and rejuvenate the face by filling in pits and wrinkles, adding volume, and restoring facial contours. Dermal fillers are temporary, but application takes just minutes with results that last for months (and in some cases years).
  • BOTOX®– Say goodbye to those crow’s feet, worry lines, and forehead wrinkles with BOTOX®. This injectable treatment is one of our most popular amongst both male and female patients. It temporarily halts nerve impulses to overactive facial muscles for a relaxed, natural look.
  • Fraxel Laser– Smooth, brighten, and rejuvenate your skin with cosmetic laser treatments. The Fraxel laser is a skin resurfacing treatment that is well known for its ability to transform the skin. If you have wrinkles, or age spots, ask us about the Fraxel laser.

Call us today at 540-371-7730 and schedule your appointment. Man or woman, we’ve got something for everyone at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg.