BBL Safety : Why PSSF is Your Safest Choice for Buttock Augmentation

Medical scare stories are one of the most popular types of “clickbait” on the internet. Whether they’re warning us of hidden toxins in our food or calling attention to the purported risks of popular cosmetic treatments, these articles play on our most basic instincts in order to drive revenue. Unfortunately, while these kind of stories often contain a nugget of truth, they’re typically heavy on exaggeration and light on factual information. This can make it difficult for the average person to make informed, rational choices.

One of the trendiest plastic surgery procedures in the world—the Brazilian Butt Lift—found itself at the center of such unwanted attention last year, after reports of postoperative casualties hit the media. The BBL was dubbed “the most dangerous plastic surgery procedure in the world,” and a number of otherwise eligible candidates decided to avoid it in favor of alternatives. This has, however, simply led to worse problems: Many people are now turning to much riskier treatments, like implants and injectables that have not yet passed FDA approval, in their quest to get the perfect posterior. Meanwhile, there are safe ways to have the buttocks augmented through surgery. Before you rush into having any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to do your research, learn the facts, and decide for yourself whether the rewards outweigh the risks.

BBL Surgery Explained

Underneath all the hype, the Brazilian Butt Lift is actually a fairly straightforward procedure: A plastic surgeon first extracts some of the patient’s own body fat (via liposuction), then he (or she) prepares it for injection back into the body. Once the fat has been processed in a centrifuge, it’s inserted into the patient’s buttocks and the healing process begins. This surgical technique—which is known as a fat transfer—is actually nothing new. Plastic surgeons have been safely using it for years, usually to augment the breasts or combat age-related fat loss on the hands, feet, and face.

It’s not a particularly high-risk operation if performed properly by a board-certified or board-eligible plastic surgeon.   At Plastic Surgery Service of Fredericksburg, we are very knowledgeable on appropriate techniques to achieve maximum safety.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg for Your BBL?

The concern over the BBL highlights the need to always select a surgeon who is both qualified and experienced, no matter what procedure you plan on having. Because the BBL is still relatively new, there aren’t many surgeons in the United States who are well versed in BBL techniques. PSSF is a rarity in that our practice employs three experienced plastic surgeons who thoroughly understand the intricacies of fat transfer techniques. (One of our surgeons, Dr. Aflaki, also completed two years of research at the Laboratory of Tissue Repair and Gene Transfer at Harvard Medical School.) Furthermore, we perform all of our surgeries in fully accredited facilities. These practices have allowed us to perform a number of BBL procedures safely and successfully.

Fat transfer procedures, while they’re invasive, have a number of benefits when they’re performed correctly. Because they use the patient’s own fatty tissue, they produce a completely natural look and feel. They also carry no risk of allergic reaction, unlike synthetic implants and injectables. In summation, if you want a noticeably fuller buttocks, the BBL is probably the safest way to achieve it—as long as you’re in the capable, caring hands of our board-certified plastic surgeons.


Your Brazilian Butt Lift 4-1-1

Call it the Kim Kardashian effect, but there’s no denying the derriere is having its moment in the spotlight. If yours is lacking and you’d like to fix this, we can help. A Brazilian butt lift can add volume and projection to the buttocks for the shapely backside you’ve always wanted. This procedure uses your own fat to shape and contour; no implants needed. Call today and schedule your Brazilian butt lift consultation.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For many years, buttocks implants were the recommended option for adding volume to the buttocks area. Implants did the job, but they did have some problems. They were prone to shifting and had a high rate of complications. Fortunately, times have changed. The Brazilian butt lift is an excellent alternative to buttocks implants. Using your body’s own excess fat, we can shape and sculpt the buttocks without the need for artificial implants. This transferred fat will permanently establish itself in its new location, providing lasting enhancement to your backside.

The Brazilian butt lift is a two-part procedure. Fat is first extracted from a donor area using liposuction. We try to choose an area that will enhance the final result of your butt lift—often the waist, stomach, back, or thighs. This fat is then cleaned and processed to ensure that only the best donor cells are used. This fat is ultimately placed into syringes for transfer.

The second part of the Brazilian butt lift involves injecting this fat into the buttocks. Injections are made at varying depths in order to evenly distribute fat throughout the area. During this time, you’ll be under sedation and very comfortable. You won’t even feel the injections. The procedure takes about two hours from start to finish.

Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift

We perform all Brazilian butt lift surgeries in our surgical center. You’ll be able to go home after surgery to recover. Your specifics will vary depending on the extent of your procedure, but we’ll give you detailed information about your recovery so you know what to expect. Patients take an average of about three days off from work.

You don’t have to go full Kim Kardashian, but a shapelier bottom can be yours. Call 540-371-7730 today and ask us about the Brazilian butt lift.

What Can a Brazilian Butt Lift (Gluteal Augmentation) Do for Me?

Do you want a booty that WOWs? If you weren’t naturally blessed with an ample bottom, we can help. A Brazilian butt lift is an innovative plastic surgery treatment that can enhance and augment your buttocks. Call us at 540-371-7730 to learn more.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Implants have a hard time in the buttocks. They are prone to shifting and have a high rate of complications. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to increasing the size and projection of your butt; fat injection is a very effective technique for gluteal augmentation.

A Brazilian butt lift uses fat from other parts of the body (harvested using liposuction) to enhance the buttocks. The results can be stunning (check out our gallery of real patient results) and are permanent. Since liposuction is used to remove fat for the procedure, a Brazilian butt lift packs in a 2 in 1 punch, creating a larger, enhanced buttocks while shaping and contouring other areas of the body.

The procedure can augment many different shapes and sizes of buttocks. It is especially popular in those looking to correct a flat buttocks, sagging buttocks, or after weight loss to reshape and reform the buttocks.

A Deeper Look at the Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift is performed at our accredited surgery center. It usually takes around 3 hours (shorter or longer depending on the specifics of your situation). We start with liposuction, usually performed in areas around the buttocks (like the waist, stomach, back, or thighs) since this helps the results of your procedure to stand out more. The suctioned fat is then specially processed and cleaned. This ensures that the best donor cells are used.

The prepared fat is then injected into the buttocks using a series of injections. Don’t worry about needles; you’ll be comfortable throughout the procedure and under sedation.

After treatment you’ll head home for recovery. Plan on taking it easy for a few days. Most patients take around a week off from work. You’ll need to avoid long periods of sitting on your buttocks during the initial recovery period. Avoiding direct pressure to the treatment area gives the transferred fat time to establish itself.

Call us today and learn more about this enhancing procedure. Transform your bottom from flat to fabulous with the Brazilian butt lift!

Brazilian Butt Lift- 4 Things You Might Not Know

Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift? This popular procedure certainly sounds exotic and is an excellent way to enhance and augment your backside. If you’ve always wanted a booty with a little more bump, come in to Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg and ask about the Brazilian Butt Lift.

While you wait for your consultation appointment, learn 4 new things about the procedure below.

1. The Brazilian Butt Lift is Plastic Surgery, Not an Exercise Regime

If you type ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ into a search engine, you’ll find many exercise workouts boasting the same name. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and beautiful body, but it is important to note that these exercises won’t achieve the same results as plastic surgery. The buttocks are a difficult area to tone and shape, even with regular exercise. The Brazilian Butt Lift can help you to achieve a natural looking and augmented buttocks; regular exercise will just tone, not augment.

2. The Brazilian Butt Lift Can Help You Slim Down and Augment at Once

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a unique procedure that uses your body’s own fat to augment and enhance the size and shape of your butt. This means that fat must be removed from other areas (using liposuction) before it can be used for the procedure. An added perk to the procedure is that in addition to enhancing your butt, you’ll also get to remove some unwanted fat from other areas (like the thigh, hips, or abdomen). Your surgeon will work with you to determine the best site (or sites) for fat removal to create the best possible end result.

3. We Use Your Own Fat- No Risk of Rejection

The Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat cells, so there is no risk of rejection. However, because we use your own fat, not every patient will be a good fit for the procedure. Patients that are especially slender may not have enough excess body fat for optimal results. Your surgeon can help you determine if this procedure is right for you.

4. Brazilian Butt Lift Patients Often Enjoy a Shorter Recovery than Butt Implant Surgery

Since the Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat instead of an implant, recovery is typically less extensive than a butt implant procedure. Most patients can return to work in about a week and to full activity in 2-3 weeks. We can help you determine what to expect from your recovery period.

Give us a call and find out more about our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure today.