Can A Breast Lift Be The Right Procedure For You?

When we talk about cosmetic breast surgery, many of us say “boob job.” Or, if we want to be more technical in our vernacular, we may say mammoplasty or breast augmentation or breast enlargement. But what many of us don’t realize, oftentimes the best breast surgery for many women is mastopexy, better known as a breast lift.

Unfortunately, a woman’s youthful breast curve will change with age. Many factors contribute to this cosmetic alteration, including hormonal changes, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. And although size is a significant concern for many, all women at some point (typically after age forty) will notice their breasts will sag, and their nipples start pointing downward.

At Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, we help women with their breast appearance and overall body aesthetics. A breast lift is an excellent procedure to help women look and feel beautiful and shapely by rejuvenating their breast contours into that sensual upward curve.

What is a Breast Lift?

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to lift and restore breast elevation when they sag after weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Rather than increase volume, a breast lift repositions breast tissue higher on the chest wall. It can also elevate the nipples and raise a significant amount of breast tissue from below the natural crease.

Who Makes an Excellent Breast Lift Candidate?

Some women make better breast lift candidates than others. Here are common cosmetic concerns to look for:

Nipples Point Downward

When breast skin begins stretching and sagging, gravity pushes breast tissue and the nipples downward. Our excellent plastic surgeons can employ breast lift surgery to reposition your breasts so your nipples are elevated above the breast crease.

Loss of Breast Volume After Weight Loss

If you lose fatty tissue after significant weight loss, loose and lax skin can contribute to an empty and stretched breast presence. A breast lift removes excess skin to enhance breast contours and restore a younger and more symmetrical breast shape.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Since a breast lift reshapes breast tissue to lift sagging breasts, it can be an efficient procedure to correct asymmetry and restore breast balance with a rounded, natural shape.

What to Expect After a Breast Lift

A Breast lift takes about one to two hours and is performed as an outpatient procedure. Expect some swelling and soreness, but prescribed pain medication will help you manage it. Most women only need prescription-strength meds for the first few days, then switch to over-the-counter medication or nothing at all.

We encourage you to do light walking for the first few days to increase circulation and prevent complications. Most patients can return to work within a week after breast surgery, but more time will be needed if your work is physically demanding. You’ll need to limit working out except for light walking for two to six weeks after surgery. We will give you detailed post-surgery instructions to follow to ensure you heal properly and your results are a success.  

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