Breast Augmentation

If you’re curious about breast augmentation surgery, it’s no wonder: It’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure for women today. You might be surprised to learn who has had breast augmentation. It could be your neighbor, an acquaintance at the gym, or a coworker.

Many of our patients at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg tell us they have chosen breast enhancement surgery to make their pear-shaped bodies more symmetrical. Then, there are women who have lost significant weight, and want full-contour breasts to fit their new bodies.

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Mothers who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, often choose breast augmentation to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance. Many opt for a mommy makeover, which includes other procedures like a tummy tuck and breast lift.

Studies show women who have breast implant surgery are well-informed and have given their decision much thought. The majority say if they could do it again, they would.

Breast Augmentation: Your Consultation

Breast augmentation surgery is a big decision and should be treated as such. That’s why your Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg surgeon will consult with you personally on your initial visit.

You will receive a thorough medical examination and explain why you want breast augmentation. If you are a suitable candidate, your surgeon and our professional staff will help you decide the breast implant procedure most suited to your body and desired goals.

We encourage you to be well informed before meeting with us. The internet is a wonderful tool but can be misleading and confusing in the information provided.

What Size is Best for You?

We know size is important to you when it comes to choosing breast implant size. It’s a decision you will have to live with so it is important to get it right. If you choose too small, you will be disappointed, too large could have lower back pain implications and discomfort.

We suggest you focus on the look you want and not the cup size. Pictures help us identify your desired result, so bring pictures of celebrities, models, or friends. Browse our before and after gallery for further research.

During your consultation, you will try on sizers which will help you make an informed decision.

Type of Breast Implants

There are two basic types of breast implants, saline-filled breast implants, and silicone filled breast implants.

Saline breast implants – are plastic shells filled with sterilized salt water solution. These breast implants are inserted deflated and then filled. This requires a smaller incision which reduces scarring risk. They are the least expensive breast implant.

Silicone breast implants – are silicone shells filled with silicone. Most women believe these have a more natural feel. They are inserted full, requiring a slightly longer incision. The cost for silicone breast implants is higher than saline breast implants.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Shape

Round and teardrop (anatomic) are the two basic shapes available for breast implants.

Round breast implants – are preferred with most plastic surgeons with their ease to insert, and lower revision rate. If the implant rotates after placement, the shape does not change due to it being round.

Teardrop (anatomic) breast implants – have a more natural shape. If these breast implants shift or rotate after placement, it could distort the symmetry and a revision would be needed. These shapes are popular with patients whose breasts have suffered from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or massive weight loss. Teardrop implants have come a long way since their first generation. Texturing has been added to reduce rotation, the main problem with teardrop implants of the past.

What to Expect in a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Although some patients elect to stay the night, breast augmentation is usually an outpatient procedure. You will receive general anesthesia and the surgery usually lasts one to two hours.

During surgery, incisions are made around the nipples or underneath the breast crease. Your surgeon will be careful to create and place the incisions in a way that minimizes any visible scarring.

A small pocket will be created for the implant between the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue, or underneath the pectoral muscle. The implants will be positioned within the pocket, and the incision closed with sutures.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

You can expect soreness, swelling, bruising, and changes in nipple sensation for a short period. Most women return to normal activities in just a few days, although strenuous activities should be avoided for a few weeks.

At Plastic Surgery Services, we offer EXPAREL® PAIN MANAGEMENT, as an alternative for those unable to take opioid drugs. EXPAREL® is a slow-release analgesic that is injected into the new-surgical incision upon completion of the procedure. EXPAREL® can minimize post-operative pain and maximize comfort up to 72 hours.

After several weeks, the breast implants will settle into place and soften. The final positioning of your new breasts may take up to three months.

Post surgery appointments will be scheduled for follow-up care at prescribed intervals so your progress can be evaluated.

Can I Exercise after Breast Augmentation?

Listen to your body, and be patient are the two most important things to remember when it comes to exercise in the weeks after surgery. Exercise usually will not hurt the result, but it will cause patient discomfort.

The best indicator of when it’s time to get back to your work out routine is your body. Usually, patients can begin exercise within 10-14 days after surgery, but a full workout may take 3-4 weeks.

Massaging the Breast Post Surgery

Breast massage is recommended from one week after breast augmentation surgery until about three months. These implant displacement massages will keep the soft tissue pocket around the implant open.

Massaging the breast will allow the pocket and soft tissue surrounding the implant to remain larger, allowing the implant to move.

Massaging should prevent the soft tissue capsule from shrinking and pressing the implant out of shape. This is known as capsular contraction, and can only be prevented by breast massage.

Breast Augmentation: Possible Complications

As with any surgery there are risks that must be calculated. You must weigh the benefits of achieving your goals with the risks and potential complications of breast augmentation. It is a decision that you must make for yourself.

Possible breast augmentation surgery risks include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding/Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Poor scarring
  • Faulty position of the implant
  • Leakage or rupture
  • Capsular contracture
  • Fluid acclamation
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
  • Persistent pain
  • Possibility of revision surgery

Breast Augmentation Cost

As patients consider cosmetic surgery, they frequently need information about the various payment options and breast augmentation cost. We hope the following information regarding payment options and approximate surgical fee estimates will be helpful.

Please call Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg at (540) 371-7730 or contact us online to receive personalized quotes on our cosmetic surgery procedures. Our patient coordinators have helped many patients achieve their dreams with payment plans that fit comfortably in their budgets.

Choosing a Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Although breast augmentation is common and less risk adverse than 30 years ago, choosing a surgeon for any surgery is of paramount importance. Sadly, any doctor with a license can legally perform breast augmentation surgery despite having no specialized training. Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg’s plastic surgeons include Board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Heppe, Dr. Bautista, and Dr. Aflaki.

It is vital for your plastic surgeon to have the right qualifications and credentials. These include board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and in good standing with the various medical boards. It also includes education, experience, and satisfied patients.

Don’t forget the support staff. Make sure they are professional, friendly and caring. These will be the people to lean on during your recovery. Make sure you are comfortable with the entire team. If surgery is performed in the office, check the office accreditation and the anesthesia certification.

It is important to do your research and visit with the doctor personally. It is important to visit the facility where the surgery will take place. Don’t rush! You should make the time to get well informed.

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Why Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg?

Dr. Howard Heppe completed his surgical internship and surgical residency at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, and his residency in plastic surgery at the Medical Center of Georgetown University in Washington DC. With the emphasis on cosmetic surgery at Georgetown University, he had the opportunity to train with outstanding leaders in plastic surgery. He also received instruction in drawing and aesthetic analysis.

Dr. Heppe is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also an active member of the American society of Plastic surgeons and a diplomat of the national Medical Examiners.

Dr. Harold Bautista earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics, magna cum laude, from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. Dr. Bautista received his medical degree from New York Medical College in 1986.

He completed his residency in plastic surgery in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Medical Center of Nassau County in New York under the instruction of Long Island Plastic Surgery, Inc., the largest group of plastic surgeons in the United States. This group of 12 surgeons provided Dr. Bautista extensive experience in aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation, body contouring and facial aesthetics. Dr. Bautista also completed his residency in general surgery at the Medical Center of Nassau County.

Dr. Bautista is Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Mary Washington Hospital. He is a member of the American College of Surgeons and is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has recently proven his dedication to maintaining his knowledge base in his chosen specialty by passing a re-certification examination given by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in April 2016. He joined the Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg in 1993 and has privileges at Mary Washington Hospital, Stafford Hospital and Spotsylvania Regional.

Dr. Pejman Aflaki completed his training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery program. Having been trained by the leaders in the field of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Aflaki has gained tremendous experience and skills in a wide spectrum of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery procedures of the face, breast, and body.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Can breast augmentation increase the chance of breast cancer?

Understandably, this is one of the most common questions regarding breast augmentation and implants. Significant research and scientific literature show that implants do not increase your chances of developing breast cancer. Similarly, implants don’t hinder breast cancer detection. In the event of getting breast cancer with implants, the implants do not impact recovery and remission.

Should I wait until I am finished having children until I get implants?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding will affect the breasts’ appearance, with or without implants. Revision surgeries, such as mommy-makeovers or breast lifts, can effectively reshape breasts after pregnancy and nursing, but it may be more involved with implants.

Am I too old for breast implants in Northern Virginia?

From their twenties onwards, women of all ages have had successful, highly satisfactory results with breast augmentation.

There is really no age barrier for the procedure. So, if you’re considering a breast augmentation, the best way to begin the process is by arranging a consultation with an experienced, respected plastic surgeon.

How can I choose my new implant size?

After deciding to go ahead with breast augmentation in Fredericksburg, choosing the right size is the next vital step in the process. A great way to visualize different sizes is the “rice test.” Simply get some old pantyhose, cut the footing from them, and measure different implant sizes by filling the pantyhose with rice until you find the desired size and shape. You can then show your breast augmentation surgeon this during your consultation to give them the perfect guide toward which sized implant you wish for.

Will there be a change in feeling and sensation of my breast and nipple?

Post-surgery, women experience reduced feeling and sensation surrounding the area. This generally lasts between six to twelve months, after which full sensation should return. Up to 15% of patients, however, have permanently altered nipple sensation after getting breast implants in Virginia.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Please review our before and after photos for breast implant surgery in our gallery.

Breast Augmentation Reviews

I was very pleased not only with the outcome of my surgery but also the ease at which I made my appointments and follow-ups. I was also please with the way the staff conducted themselves and were always available to answer questions. Doctor Heppe was both courteous and efficient in his answering of questions and in making me feel very comfortable with my decision. He was also very helpful in my follow up appointments in order to make my experience one of comfort and ease.

This was my second procedure with Dr. Bautista and I could not have been more pleased. From my initial consultation through the procedure and the follow-on appointments he was a consummate professional. Dr. Bautista provided an accurate and realistic expectation of my outcome as well as a detailed description of the operation answering all my questions. His demeanor is calming.

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