The appearance of your breasts can have a huge impact on your self-confidence and the way you carry yourself in life. Feeling good about the way your breasts look may help you to stand tall and project a positive self-image.

Breast surgeries are among the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. Women often feel that their breasts are too small, too large, or have begun to sag. After having children, many women want a breast lift or breast enhancement as part of a Mommy Makeover.

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Men also frequently suffer from excess breast tissue and fat that causes a feminine appearance. In this case, male breast reduction is a procedure that can restore a masculine appearance to the chest.

For women dealing with the pain of a mastectomy after breast cancer, breast reconstruction is an opportunity to live a normal life once again.

Breast Augmentation

If you’re curious about breast augmentation surgery, it’s no wonder: It’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure for women today. You might be surprised to learn who has had breast augmentation. It could be your neighbor, an acquaintance at the gym, or a coworker. Many of our patients at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg tell us they… Learn More

Breast Lift in Fredericksburg, VA

We all experience changes in our appearance that occur gradually over the years. For many women, however, significant changes in breast shape and position can take place over a relatively short span of time. This is usually due to pregnancy and nursing, combined with the effects of aging and gravity. When you are a healthy,… Learn More

Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts frequently experience poor posture, back, and neck pain, breathing problems, and even skeletal deformities. Bra straps can often leave indentations in the shoulder area and cause skin irritations. If you suffer from any of these issues as a result of large breasts, breast reduction surgery may be the answer for you…. Learn More

Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged male breasts (also called gynecomastia) are a common condition that men, understandably, hate to talk about. In fact, 40-60% of men experience this condition in their lifetimes. Still, men with enlarged male breasts find it embarrassing and avoid being seen without their shirts. There is no known cause for over-developed male breast tissue, although… Learn More

Breast Implant Removal

For various reasons, some women decide that they no longer want breast implants and opt for breast implant removal. Breast implant removal surgery usually takes about an hour to perform. It’s typically done using intravenous sedation, but sometimes removal can be done under local anesthesia in a procedure that takes only thirty minutes. Breast implants… Learn More