Breast Implant Revision or Removal?

Q: How can I tell if I need Breast Implant Revision?

A: If there is firmness, shape change or pain it indicates a capsular contracture. In addition with time, gravity and childbirth drooping can occur which can also be treated.

Q: Why consider a breast implant removal?

A: Only if there is dissatisfaction with the increased volume.

Q: What should be my main concerns when choosing new breast implant sizes?

A: Usually to see any significant increase in size a patient needs to add at least 100 cc’s to the existing implant.

Q: Can I increase the size of my exiting breast implants?

A: Yes, if they are saline implants usually a small amount of fluid can be added to the existing implants. However, new implants are usually necessary to obtain significant change in size.

Q: What are common breast implant complaints?

A: Firmness, Asymmetry, and discomfort.

Q: How does breast implant revision work? Is it the same as a breast augmentation?

A: It usually does not require any muscle revision, but it may require possible scar release.

Q: How does breast implant removal work?

A: This can frequently be performed under local anesthetic through a small incision in the fold under the breast.

Q: How long should I wait before revising my breast implants?

A: If an augmentation was just performed, then a patient should wait at least 3 months before considering any changes.