You work hard to stay healthy and fit, and you want your body to reflect that. For many of us, however, certain parts of the body simply do not improve with diet and exercise. This can usually be attributed to heredity or the changes that come with weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and age.

Thanks to advances in plastic surgery, men and women no longer have to live unhappily with their “problem areas.”

At Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, we specialize in body contouring procedures to help you improve your appearance and body confidence. We also perform combination surgeries, such as the Mommy Makeover, which can be more affordable than separate surgeries. For more detailed information about these procedures, visit the following pages:

What You Should Know About Body Procedures

Our board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Bautista and Dr. Heppe and Board Eligible Dr. Aflaki  have the skill, experience, and aesthetic sensibility that set them apart as body contouring specialists. Whether you want to change a feature that has always bothered you, or you want to restore your body to a more youthful appearance, we offer safe, proven procedures in our fully accredited medical facility in Northern Virginia that can achieve your desired results.

Requirements and recovery time vary greatly depending on the procedures you choose. During your free consultation with one of our surgeons, you will be given all the information you need to make an informed decision.

To see our results for yourself, visit our photo gallery.

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If you would like a personal body contouring evaluation, contact us online to request an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons. Or call our office today at (540) 371-7730 to schedule your free consultation.