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Core Workouts to Maximize Your Tummy Tuck Results

If you’re planning to have tummy tuck surgery, you’re probably already familiar with the many ways in which this procedure can improve your core. Not only does tummy tuck surgery remove loose skin and subcutaneous fat (allowing your muscles to show more prominently), it can heal damaged muscle tissue. For some patients, having a tummy… Learn More

Different Types of Liposuction

Although it is a very popular procedure, many do not know that there are multiple variations of Liposuction. If you’re considering the liposuction procedure and would like to know more about the different types offered, contact us here! We’d love to help you make informed decisions to achieve your aesthetic goals.  

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most transformative elective surgery procedures in the world! It can boost a patient’s self-esteem and allow them to focus on the facial features they love. If you are wondering what this procedure can do for your life, we’ve outlined some of our favorites rhinoplasty benefits below: Provides flattering facial contours…. Learn More

Why Belly Fat is Hard to Lose and How to Do It

What’s the most frustrating part of dieting? For many of us, it’s not changing our eating habits or sweating through gym routines. Instead, it’s the disheartening realization that even when we reach a healthy weight, we retain two or more inches of belly fat. Indeed, even some individuals who are otherwise very slim have a… Learn More

Get Your Best Summer Body with Liposuction

In this age of innovative nonsurgical fat removal procedures, it can be easy to forget the unique advantages of liposuction… And this is a shame, because if you’re looking to sculpt the perfect summer body, liposuction may well be the best tool to use. Before you pass over this tried, tested, and true fat removal… Learn More

Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg is Now Performing DermaSculpt!

As the field of cosmetic medicine advances, the lines between surgical procedures and noninvasive treatments are becoming increasingly blurred. Today, injectable compounds (such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers) can cause profound positive changes in a person’s appearance, and all without the pain or downtime associated with surgery. At the same time, however, dermal filler injections… Learn More

Unhappy with Your Rhinoplasty? Revision Rhinoplasty Explained

In an ideal world, every surgery would turn out exactly as expected. Unfortunately, when it comes to rhinoplasty, a number of variables exist that are beyond even the most skilled surgeon’s control. Most notably, the way scar tissue contracts can differ substantially from person to person, and this can make it difficult to predict the… Learn More

Top Reasons for Breast Augmentation

While adding volume to your breast size might seem like the only reason for a breast augmentation, there are many more reasons women choose to enhance their breasts.  In fact, breast augmentation can help achieve a lot more than increasing your cup size. Here are the top three reasons patients opt for breast augmentation: To… Learn More

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most versatile facial surgeries in use today. In addition to being capable of meeting diverse aesthetic objectives, this procedure can correct a number of different functional problems with the nose. Some of the most popular forms of rhinoplasty are discussed below: Functional Rhinoplasty Functional rhinoplasty is used to correct structural… Learn More

Top Reasons Women Opt for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States. It’s popular because more and more women are seeking the breasts they’ve always wanted – or the breasts they had at one time and may have lost. Below are the top reasons women opt for breast augmentation: Increase Breast Size… Learn More

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