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What Can a Body Lift Do for You?

A body lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can provide a plethora of benefits for a patient who has experienced dramatic weight loss. A body lift can help remove excess skin, reveal new contours, restore muscle structure and enhance comfort. Read our infographic below to learn more. If you’re interested in a body lift,… Learn More

Weight Loss vs. Liposuction: What’s the Difference?

Having a quick, safe, and effective treatment for obesity could safeguard the health of millions of Americans. It’s therefore unsurprising that many people look to plastic surgery to help them shed excess fat when diet and exercise fail to yield meaningful results. Unfortunately, the role of liposuction in fat loss is widely misunderstood: This procedure… Learn More

BBL Safety : Why PSSF is Your Safest Choice for Buttock Augmentation

Medical scare stories are one of the most popular types of “clickbait” on the internet. Whether they’re warning us of hidden toxins in our food or calling attention to the purported risks of popular cosmetic treatments, these articles play on our most basic instincts in order to drive revenue. Unfortunately, while these kind of stories… Learn More

Which Procedures are Trending this Summer?

As a society, our concept of beauty is dynamic and ever-evolving—that’s what makes it so exciting. Hot trends vary from season to season, reshaping our idea of what it means to be gorgeous. At the same time, cosmetic treatments are becoming safer and less invasive than ever before. Today, we have the freedom to experiment… Learn More

The Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

For men with gynecomastia, summer can feel like torture. Gynecomastia is a common medical condition with a complicated name, simply put, it means enlarged male breasts. Take summer back by getting treatment for your excess breast tissue. Contact our offices to learn more about male breast reduction in Fredericksburg, VA. What Causes Male Breast Development?… Learn More

Male Plastic Surgery is on the Rise: Here’s Why

Taking pride in one’s appearance is part of human nature; it’s how we nurture our sense of identity and communicate that identity to others. It, therefore, shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that guys want to look good, too. Nonetheless, even in 2018, many people are surprised to discover that male plastic surgery is not only… Learn More

Excess Skin or Excess Fat? – Why the Difference Matters

If you ask most people what causes a flabby-looking belly, they’ll immediately answer “excess fat.” However, while excess fat can certainly be a contributor to poor abdominal tone, it’s not the only reason why people struggle to get a flat stomach. Excess skin can also cause this condition, and the treatment used to get rid… Learn More

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