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What Is Better: Smartlipo or Coolsculpting?

Like many other Americans, are you frustrated with stubborn body fat? Luckily, modern technology provides us with a wealth of options for ridding ourselves of stubborn body fat. In addition to offering a large selection of body contouring plastic surgery options, at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg in Virginia, we offer two popular body sculpting… Learn More

Skin Care Products You Should Be Using This Summer!

Summer calls for more time outside and often spent in the sun. With the days being longer and warmer, the weather can lead to some unintended beauty issues, which is why we are bringing you this skin care update! The team of professionals at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg is always happy to share their advice on… Learn More

What To Expect at Every Stage of Your Labiaplasty Procedure and Recovery in Fredericksburg Virginia

Several very practical cosmetic and health concerns lead women to consider labiaplasty to reduce the size and improve the symmetry of their labial tissue. Labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction or labia surgery, reduces the protrusion of the labia and corrects asymmetry caused by aging or genetic factors, or more commonly, vaginal childbirth. Since labia… Learn More

Popular Anti-Aging Treatments for Busy Moms

Aging is one thing, but aging too quickly is another. What mother doesn’t want to look young and fresh or age gracefully? Here’s some good news. A customized skincare routine is possible for busy moms who don’t have the time to spend at spas once a week. Here are some tips to help you incorporate… Learn More

Showing: 1–10 of 241