How to Choose the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon


It’s a shocking statistic, but every year in the U.S., upwards of 30,000 people require revision rhinoplasty to fix a botched nose job.

Primary rhinoplasty, or your first rhinoplasty, is a tricky enough procedure. Revision rhinoplasty, on the other hand, poses an entirely different set of challenges to your surgeon.

In this blog, we explain why revision rhinoplasty is such a complicated procedure. Because of this, it is critical to your rhinoplasty success that you choose your revision rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully.

Here, the team at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg gives you a step-by-step checklist you should follow when deciding on your revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

First, let us re-cap why revision rhinoplasty requires extensive expertise in facial anatomy and superior surgical skill.

Modified Structure, Scarring, and Tissue Strength

When performing a primary rhinoplasty, surgeons know what to expect because they know the structure of a typical human nose. In revision rhinoplasty surgery, this is no longer the case, as the bone structure, nasal cavities, soft tissues and cartilage of the nose have been modified in the initial rhinoplasty procedure. This could present challenges to rhinoplasty surgeons, who must react quickly and correctly when presented with unforeseen complications arising during a revision rhinoplasty procedure.

The modified structure of a previously rhinoplasty-d nose also means the tissue and bones are weaker, making it more difficult for a surgeon to produce safe, effective results when performing a revision rhinoplasty.

Surgeons will also need to harvest cartilage from other parts of the body during revision rhinoplasty, as the preferred donor site of the septum is used in the initial rhinoplasty procedure.

For these reasons, it takes a highly experienced, confident, and specialized plastic surgeon to take on any revision rhinoplasty jobs successfully. To adequately prepare yourself to have a successful revision rhinoplasty procedure, you should follow the following advice. 

Prepare Yourself

Do Your Own Research

By equipping yourself with knowledge about the procedure, you give yourself the best opportunity at finding an excellent surgeon.

It is essential that you understand the complications and difficulties associated with revision rhinoplasty so that you can take choosing your surgeon seriously. Look through our blog, and also look at other credible websites such as The American Society of Plastic Surgeons to fully understand what occurs during your revision rhinoplasty.

Set Realistic Expectations

Identifying the aesthetic you wish for, and aiming for a realistic goal are other important parts of successful revision rhinoplasty. Once you do this, you can approach specialized surgeons and seek their guidance and services in helping you achieve the nose that you want.

Have a List of Questions Ready for Your Consultation

Before you go into any consultation room, you should prepare a list of questions to ask your surgeon. Important questions include;

  • How many years have you been a practicing surgeon?
  • How many revision rhinoplasty procedures have you performed?
  • Do you have a gallery of patient photos I can examine?
  • Do you have any testimonials of past patients?

These four questions are straight forward, and help you directly assess the aptitude of the surgeon you are vetting for your procedure. 

Vet the Surgeon

Ultimately, the choice of who does your revision rhinoplasty rests in your hands. As such, you will want to properly screen every surgeon you consult to do your rhinoplasty.

Ensure they are Board Certified

Many practicing surgeons do not meet the high standards required to achieved certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. YOU MUST INSIST THAT YOUR REVISION RHINOPLASTY IS CERTIFIED BY THIS BODY.

While this doesn’t guarantee specialized experience, this certification guarantees a high level of proficiency and practicing standards.

Make Sure Revision Rhinoplasty is one of their Top Three Surgeries

When you demand that revision surgery is a top-three of your surgeons’ procedures, it gives you an excellent chance of finding a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

Closely Examines the Surgeon’s Gallery

Perusing photos of the surgeons’ past results can give you an excellent idea of what to expect. You can find patients of your own ethnicity and similar facial structure and get a good idea of how the surgeon works with a canvas such as the one you present.

Choosing a revision rhinoplasty surgeon should not be rushed. You should at least discuss the procedure and look to find a surgeon who instills you with confidence regarding the procedure.

The expert team at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg encourages you to contact them and ask these exact questions and look at our rhinoplasty gallery. Call 540 371 7730 or fill out our online form to arrange your consultation.

Why Revision Rhinoplasty is More Difficult than Primary Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty accounts for over 210,000 surgeries every year. Though most rhinoplasty surgeries provide satisfactory results, about 15% of these patients end up getting revision rhinoplasty. That means that every year, more than 30,000 people choose a second rhinoplasty because the first one wasn’t done to their liking.

A significant procedure in itself, rhinoplasty involves the modification of nasal cartilage and bones, with tissue being added or taken away. This is tricky the first time – but once the original nasal structure has been modified, it becomes more difficult to safely and accurately provide outstanding aesthetic and functional results.

Here, the expert team at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg explains the importance of getting rhinoplasty done correctly the first time, and why revision rhinoplasty is more complicated than primary rhinoplasty.

Why Might Patients want revision Rhinoplasty?

Patients who seek revision rhinoplasty often do so on the basis of being unhappy with the results from the first operation. This can be because of aesthetic or functional problems. 

  • Their new nose looks unnatural
  • Their new nose is not in balance and harmony with their other facial features
  • The results of their new nose are not as pronounced as they would have liked
  • It is difficult to inhale and exhale through their new nose
  • Their new nose either didn’t adequately address their snoring or has caused them to snore 

In some cases, accidents such as falls or motor vehicle collisions can damage a rhinoplasty-d nose, which necessitates revision rhinoplasty. 

In any case, regardless of the motivation driving the revision rhinoplasty, it is a more laborious surgery than the initial procedure for several reasons.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Once the cartilage and bones of the nose have been modified in a primary rhinoplasty (the first rhinoplasty procedure), their relative strength and integrity can become weakened. Surgeons usually require extra cartilage from other parts of the body to reinforce the region during revision surgery. 

In primary rhinoplasties, surgeons use cartilage from the septum to reinforce the structure of the nose. Septal cartilage is ideal for this purpose due to its pliability and relative strength. 

In revision rhinoplasty, the septal cartilage is no longer available, requiring the surgeon to harvest cartilage from other parts of the body, such as the ear or ribs. Recently, we have used MTF cartilage grafts (cadaver cartilage) with great success. This eliminates morbidity from having a secondary donor site. While effective in providing structural support, cartilage from the ear and rib is far harder to manipulate than septal cartilage, and it takes more skill and experience for your surgeon to use this cartilage successfully in revision rhinoplasty.   

Scar Tissue

Scarring from the initial rhinoplasty procedure is one of the biggest challenges faced by revision rhinoplasty surgeons. How this impacts the second procedure depends on the extent of scarring, but there is always internal scar tissue from primary rhinoplasty. 

The more scar tissue there is surrounding the nasal passage and bones, the longer and harder the revision rhinoplasty procedure becomes. The revision rhinoplasty surgeon must make very precise incisions to change the aesthetic of the nose, without further contributing to additional scarring. 

Scarring dramatically impacts the way in which the nose heals and settles after the procedure, and patterns can be unpredictable if the surgeon performing the revision rhinoplasty is not experienced or careful enough during the procedure.  

Unforeseen Complications

When performing primary rhinoplasty, surgeons know what to expect – they know the structure of a human nose and can plan their operation accordingly. 

In the case of revision rhinoplasty, surgeons might have a rough idea of what their patients’ internal nasal structure and cavities will look like, but because they are operating on a modified body part, they can’t be 100% sure what to expect. This requires split-second decision making and experience to provide the best possible results from revision rhinoplasty. 

Because of these complications, the vast majority of board-certified surgeons don’t offer revision rhinoplasty. It’s not worth their reputation – the procedure is complicated, and many surgeons can’t get it right. This is why it is so important to choose the right surgeon for your primary rhinoplasty. 

If, however, you are seeking revision rhinoplasty, the expert board of doctors at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, composed of Dr. Howard Heppe, MD, Harold Bautista, MD and Pejman Aflaki, MD, have each handled a wide range of rhinoplasty challenges on patients of all ages and ethnicities. Call 540 371 7730 or fill out our online form to arrange your consultation and fix your nose properly.

Why 2020 Should Be the Year You Finally Try BOTOX®

Did someone you know emerge from the holiday season looking younger and better-rested? Are you finding the profile pics on Tinder and other online dating sites look too good to be true? Chances are, you’re looking at the results of BOTOX®.

An unprecedented amount of people are turning to plastic surgeons to give themselves a little touch-up. From the girl next door to the CEO down the street, people of all ages and demographics are noticing the various benefits associated with a BOTOX® treatment plan.

But don’t just take it from us. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that although the number of BOTOX® treatments has been steadily on the rise over the past two decades, that number increased significantly over 2018-2019, and is on pace reach new heights in 2020. In 2019 alone, over 5 million people opted for BOTOX®. And it’s not just older people.

Plastic surgeons are seeing younger and younger people in their clinics requesting “preventive” BOTOX® injections as early as their 30th birthdays. An emerging trend among young professional men and women is to have a 30th birthday BOTOX®. This early intervention helps keep encroaching signs of age, particularly the “11 lines” and crow’s feet, from forming and making a patient appear older than they are.

Who’s Getting BOTOX®?

It is no secret that we now live in the most competitive era of humanity. Competition for partners, jobs, and raises is at an all-time high, with organizations looking ahead by hiring younger employees who bring more significant future potential than older employees.

Older Professionals

Ageism is an unfortunate reality in today’s workplaces. And it means that more people, particularly older professional males, are resorting to BOTOX® injections to give themselves a competitive edge in the job market.

The appearance of vitality is a crucial aspect of someone’s outward persona, and reduced skin laxity, wrinkles, and sunken facial features make someone appear less vigorous than they may feel. BOTOX® is a surefire fix for this, particularly in people who are just beginning to experience these signs of aging.

And it does help. Interviewees who have experience combined with a youthful appearance have more success in getting higher-paying jobs.

This phenomenon of businesses wanting to “hire younger” is because of the investment that goes into creating useful, reliable, productive employees. Once trained, younger employees have greater potential benefit to the company moving forward. But anti-aging treatments like BOTOX® keep experience relevant.

Online Daters

It’s not just the 40+ crowd going in for injectables, though. Younger men and women are also turning to BOTOX® to boost their online dating success. Instead of Photoshopping their selfies or posting pictures of their younger selves, thanks to BOTOX® and other injectables, people can present themselves honestly and confidently online to attract new romantic partners.

People misrepresenting themselves online is one of the significant qualms online daters have with these services. But that doesn’t mean fewer people are using online dating services – quite the contrary.

Online dating is the most popular method of meeting new partners, according to a recent Fox News report. Because of this, more people than ever, both men and women, are trying to get an edge when it comes to encouraging potential partners to swipe right.


As the influencer lifestyle becomes more appealing to people hoping to live a life free from the 9-to-5 grind, the hustle of sponsorship is harder than ever. More people than ever are on Instagram – over 1 billion, as of 2019. That means there is a vast potential market – but also a tremendous amount of competition.

Influencers from every niche imaginable – from parenting to fitness – are using cosmetic procedures to give themselves that bump to stay ahead of the competition (or perhaps the top influencers use BOTOX®, injectables, and lip fillers to remain with the pack, instead of getting left behind?)

Welcome the New Year With a Fresh Face

Regardless of age, gender, or job – 2019 saw unprecedented numbers of Americans using BOTOX® to keep their faces free of the dreaded signs of aging. To help you find that soulmate, get your dream job or attract that extra like, BOTOX® is a tried and proven method.

The team at the Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg is highly skilled in offering people of all ages a personalized BOTOX® treatment plan tailored to their needs and desires. Don’t get left behind in 2020 – call us at 540-371-7730 or fill out our online form to arrange your first consultation now.

More Fredericksburg Men Using BOTOX® for Instagram and Dating Profiles


‘Brotox.’ If you haven’t heard this term, you should have. Plastic surgeons across the country report that over twenty percent of their botox patients are men, with that number on the rise.

Last year alone, men spent over two billion dollars on botox in the U.S. That’s not surprising when celebrity hard characters – including Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone, have been using botox to keep age at bay for years.
As more and more males turn to the needle, we at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg found ourselves asking the pertinent question; why?

The not-so-surprising answer – so that men aren’t left behind when it comes to their dating and Instagram profiles.
It’s no secret that women swipe left on a whim – in fact, women are six times as picky as men when it comes to choosing an online dating partner. And this is based only on appearance. No other factors influence the initial decision – merely the presentation of a profile and its photos.

No wonder men need to up their game. As more men are finding out, if it works for women, it can work for them too. With botox and lip fillers skyrocketing in women to bolster their online profiles, men are beginning to notice the positive nuptial benefits that a little prick can have.

How Does BOTOX® Improve an Instagram Profile Pic?

BOTOX®, in combination with other cosmetic procedures, particularly injectables, is really effective at giving the well-defined facial contours. As men age, frown lines, crow’s feet, and a sunken jaw are common aesthetic issues that arise.

These signs of aging occur due to tension held in muscles, a loss of facial fat tissue and muscle, and general skin laxity.

BOTOX® and injectables effectively eliminate these wrinkles. When done with a well-planned injection regimen, brotox can restore a robust chiseled line to the jaw and face.

Contouring the face is of particular importance when taking a selfie for a profile pic, as it helps make a face look well lit, healthy and appealing – all things that women want in a profile photo.

To fill this online requirement, men are asking plastic surgeons to inject their cheeks, jawlines, and temples with the product so they stand out more in the extremely competitive online dating market.

And for many men, they need this edge.

Why Improve a Profile Pic?

As of 2019, online dating is the most popular way for people to meet a new partner. That’s not to say you can’t meet the right one elsewhere – it just means if you’re in the online dating game, you best bring you’re A-game.
But that doesn’t mean lying. Many people, particularly men, have come under scrutiny in the online dating world because they misrepresent themselves in their online dating apps.

They can do this by photoshopping a profile pic or uploading a picture from ten years ago. For many men, dating apps can be pretty tough love and it can be tempting to show photos of what they looked like when they had smooth skin and a Klitschko jawline.
Either way, when they close the deal and meet for a coffee, many women are getting a surprise when they find Mr. Officeworker waiting for them instead of Mr. Graduate.

BOTOX® and injectables give men the chance to show an honest representation of themselves that they can take pride in. What’s more, by showing updated, truthful images on dating websites, men are able to gain confidence in the fact that they are who they say they are – something that Photoshoppers will never be able to do.

While men beginning to show signs of aging can diet and exercise to achieve a good physique, there isn’t much they can do much about the encroaching crow’s feet, weak jaws, and bumpy foreheads – other than brotox.
Sure, there are filters and poses that are age-reducing. But when the time comes, and you’ve got to meet the girl in person, she might be in for a bit of a shock.

This is where the expert team at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg can help. We offer complete botox and injectable packages that highlight the right parts of your face and fix the parts that need attention. If you’d like to get ahead in online marketing, give us a call on 540 371 7730 or fill out our online form. We’ve helped plenty of men – let us help you too.

Why Fredericksburg Women Choose BOTOX® to Treat That Perpetual Angry Look

Have you ever caught your reflection in the mirror and realized you look angry, even when you think your face is neutral? Adults of all ages sometimes struggle with a resting expression that looks tired or irritable, due to natural variations in the musculature of the face. 

BOTOX® – a popular injectable wrinkle treatment – can subtly ease a naturally tense expression by relaxing facial muscles in key areas. Whether you’re 25 or 65, our team of skilled injectors in Fredericksburg can help you align your appearance with the way you feel on the inside. To discover whether BOTOX® will work for you, contact us at (540) 371-7730.

What Causes a Perpetually Angry Look?

Though people often call the constantly angry look “resting you-know-what” face (or RBF for short), research shows this problem affects men and women equally. When a team of behavioral scientists used computer software to analyze the facial expressions of over 10,000 people, the gender balance of people affected by this condition was about 50/50. Women are more likely to seek treatment for RBF, however, because society expects them to smile more often and appear more nurturing than men.

The researchers who performed this study discovered that RBF is thanks to subtle facial cues – like slightly squinted eyes and curled, but not smiling, lips – that originate from muscle tension around the eyes and mouth. Though this kind of facial structure can make you look angry, it can happen even to people with friendly, open personalities.

Most people dislike RBF because the brain automatically interprets it as a look of contempt. When we’re around someone with RBF, we become anxious and fearful of being judged, even though the individual with RBF doesn’t have any hostile feelings toward us.

How Does BOTOX® Alleviate an Angry Expression?

BOTOX® treats RBF by temporarily blocking nerve signals to targeted muscles, which forces them to remain in a relaxed state for three to four months. Repeated BOTOX® treatments gradually train your facial muscles to behave differently, effectively curing RBF by giving you a friendlier look. 

Getting rid of an angry expression requires slightly different injection techniques than smoothing out forehead creases and frown lines. To eliminate RBF, our doctors will inject BOTOX® around your temples, between your brows, along your jowls, and below your mouth, rather than exclusively targeting your glabellar (frown) lines. If you have deep lines around your mouth, they may incorporate dermal fillers (such as Juvéderm® Voluma) into your treatment plan to open up your smile.

Arrange a BOTOX® Consultation in Virginia at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg

Are you ready to welcome the world with a friendlier face? We can help. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons have the advanced knowledge of facial anatomy needed to effectively treat RBF with injectable compounds. To learn more about your options, contact our clinic in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to arrange a personal consultation.

Fun Tips for Gifting BOTOX® Treatments this Holiday

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t want to start the new year looking rejuvenated and wrinkle-free? As a convenient, low-risk procedure, BOTOX® injections make the perfect gift for people who want to get rid of frown lines and crow’s feet. To learn more about who makes a good candidate for BOTOX®, contact our clinic in Fredericksburg at (540) 371-7730, or check out the advice below:

What to Know Before You Give the Gift of BOTOX®

Though gifting a cosmetic procedure may seem unusual, this practice is more popular than many people realize. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 27 percent of women and 20 percent of men say they would be more than happy to receive plastic surgery or injectables as a gift. Still, before you purchase BOTOX® treatments for someone else, you should absolutely make sure he or she wants this type of procedure.

If you’re not sure your loved one is ready for BOTOX®, try bringing the subject up gently, without implying they could benefit from cosmetic treatment. You might mention that you’re interested in having BOTOX®, for example, or talk about a friend who recently tried it. If your loved one says she would jump at the chance to try BOTOX® too, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect gift idea.

3 Fun Ways to Gift BOTOX® this Holiday Season

Once you’re certain BOTOX® is the right gift for someone in your life, try using one of these three fun gifting ideas to make the experience more memorable:

Surprise them.

When you buy BOTOX® for someone else, you’ll probably purchase a gift card that allows them to pay for BOTOX® treatments later. For a fun surprise, try slipping the gift card into a more routine gift, like a mug or handbag, before wrapping it up. Your loved one will never guess what she’s really getting!

Throw a party.

Throwing a “BOTOX® party” is a great way to make sure your loved one doesn’t feel singled out when he or she receives BOTOX® as a gift. Getting together with friends who have or want BOTOX® injections can create a festive, fun atmosphere where everyone is on the same page. (Just make sure all of the injections are performed at a reputable clinic, and not at your home.)

Make it a date.

For couples, BOTOX® injections can be the beginning of a wonderful romantic getaway. If you’re interested in trying BOTOX® yourself, pick a city you and your partner would love to see, then set up travel reservations along with a cosmetic consultation for both of you.

Arrange a BOTOX® Consultation at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg

Cosmetic appointments fill up fast, especially as the holidays approach. If you want to give the gift of BOTOX® this year, contact Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg as soon as possible to set up a consultation.

Did You Get Implants? How to Graciously Answer Nosey Questions this Holiday

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. In 2018, over 300,000 women chose to enhance their physique and give themselves the body they have always desired. As surgical techniques and safe-practices continue to advance, patients are faced with an unprecedented opportunity to customize their appearances.  

Although plastic surgery is rising in popularity, many patients still struggle to broach the topic of their breast augmentation with coworkers, friends, and family. The holidays, in particular, present plenty of opportunities for long-lost relatives and friends to ask nosey questions about your aesthetic procedures. Being prepared mentally and even verbally for these situations can minimize anxiety and help you avoid confrontations.

Here, we offer some handy advice on managing these situations. Just remember that you look stunning, and be pleased that your decision is turning heads. 

Face It Head On with Calm Clarity

Remember why you chose to undergo the procedure, and share your reasoning. Should you be challenged, ask the questioner why they hold their stance on breast augmentation. People often simply want to express their opinion. A proper conversation about the topic could require that you know some of the best recent research. You never know, you might help open someone’s mind with a frank but level discussion on physical appearance and confidence. 

One handy strategy in any debate or touchy conversation is to let your questioner feel heard.  Simply repeat their points to them, starting with, “So you’re saying that . . . “ or “Let me see if I’ve heard you . . . . “  Just the fact that you’ve heard them will get them to back down. Once you’ve taken this step, change the topic or end the conversation. Expressly state, “I understand you don’t agree, but we won’t solve this today. Let’s move on.”   

Keep in mind that just because someone keeps asking you questions, you’re not obligated to answer. You don’t have to respond to the pressure. You control what you will and won’t share. 

A few Choice Comebacks to Nosey Plastic Surgery Questions

When someone asks if you’ve had work done, say: 

“Thank you for noticing,” and then change the topic if you suspect they’re about to unleash on you. 

“I’m glad you noticed.”

“Why do you ask?”

When someone asks how much you paid, say:

“My granny told me it was gauche to discuss prices.”

“Half of my rent, but twice yours.”

“HIPAA prevents me from disclosing that.” 

When someone asks exactly what you had done, say:

“What haven’t I have done?”

“What exactly do you mean asking something like that?”

“What exactly haven’t you done?” 

“Where exactly do you get off asking me that?”

When someone asks, why you’ve had it done, say, 

“I thought it was an HOA regulation. You mean it’s not?” 

“Because I can.” 

The Dodge: Avoid the Situation Altogether

If you think that having this discussion at a big family gathering is just going to be too much, you might consider wearing a loose dress with a sports bra for the occasion. 

While this does momentarily defeat the purpose of getting your breast augmentation, it allows you to take control of when you reveal your procedure. It also ensures you can have individual talks with particular people in a more controlled social environment.  

More often than not, if you take confidence in your stance and politely listen to the opinions of others, you will have a brief, pleasant conversation. 

If you’re still unsure about how to confront this issue, call us at our Fredericksburg VA office on 540 371 7730 or contact us online for a confidential chat and even a practice run through a conversation. We’re here to support your personal decision.   

How to Determine the Right Breast Implant Size for Your Figure

With more than 300,000 women reshaping their bust every year, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S.

However, breast implant revision surgeries are also on the rise. Over half of these breast augmentation revision surgeries are performed because women initially choose the wrong size implant, and consequently need to get the implant size changed.  

For this reason, it is crucial to choose the right breast implant size when you first get your breast augmentation. By getting your size right the first time, you will avoid unnecessary revision surgery and complications later on.

There are numerous factors you need to consider when deciding the right breast implant size for you. Here, our surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg outline which factors to take into consideration, and how you can estimate the correct size implant for yourself

Measuring Breast Implant Size

Brassiere cup sizes are unreliable measurements of actual breast size. As such, breast implants are not measured in cup size – they are measured in cubic centimeters (CC’s).

This is because brassier cup volume differs between countries and bra manufacturers – a B cup from one manufacturer may be a different size than a B cup from a separate manufacturer. For this reason, plastic surgeons use the precise and universal measurement of volume to standardize measuring the size of breast implants in cubic centimeters.   

Breast implant sizes vary greatly, anywhere from 120 ccs to 850 ccs. The size of the implants you should choose depends on a variety of factors.

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

Breast implant surgery is a highly personalized process. In the end, the decision is up to you about the size of your implants, but you should carefully consider these factors:

  • your desired aesthetic result
  • natural amount of breast tissue
  • height, weight, chest, breast and shoulder dimensions
  • skin elasticity
  • lifestyle

For pleasing aesthetic results, many women are beginning to choose more moderately sized implants that give a full, perky profile without being overly large.   

Choosing breast implants that are too large often leads to complications such as the implants becoming displaced or your skin sagging, and in some cases, breast implant revision surgery.

Breast implants that are too large for your frame can also increase the chance that you will experience back and neck pain. They may also lead to postural issues, so the size of implant you choose must be proportional to your frame and musculature.

Visualizing Breast Implant Sizes

Two easy, at-home tests that are very effective in helping you visualize the actual sizes of different breast implants are the rice test, and the water test.

Both tests work because 1ml of rice or water equals 1 CC.

To perform the rice test: 

  1. Measure out 200 ml of rice
  2. Cut out a section of some old pantyhose
  3. Tie a knot in one end and fill the pantyhose with the rice 
  4. Tie off the top end.

This shows you the size of a 200 CC breast implant.

You can manipulate the shape and profile of your jerry-rigged implant, and varying the amount of rice will help you see the difference in breast implant sizes.

The water test is very similar; only you use a balloon with different volumes of water to help visualize the different implant sizes.

Try wearing larger brassieres with different items of clothing and placing your home-made implants into the bra cup to get an idea of how you look and feel with various implant sizes.

Remember that you also need to consider the profile and shape of your implants. This is best done with an on-site consultation so you can see and ‘try’ the different implant shapes and sizes which are available to you.

Deciding on the size of your breast implants takes a lot of consideration. If you’re thinking about breast augmentation surgery in Fredericksburg and whether or not it’s right for you, Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg can help.

In a one-on-one consultation, our board-certified plastic surgeons will consider your specific circumstances, your physique, lifestyle, and desired results and recommend the best implant sizes for you. 

To book your appointment, please don’t hesitate to call 540 371 7730 or fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

9 Things You Need at Home to Make Plastic Surgery Recovery Comfortable

Did you know that plastic surgery recovery can be a pleasant experience? Many of our patients expect extensive downtime and significant discomfort and are delighted when they realize how easy recovery can be. 

By organizing your affairs and house before heading into surgery, you can prepare yourself for a straight-forward, relaxing, and enjoyable period of downtime. 

The type of surgery you receive will impact the length of time you spend resting and recovering, but if you’re prepared you can enjoy those few days or a couple of weeks. 

What do you need for a great recovery after plastic surgery? We recommend the following nine items.

1) A Helping Hand

Plain and simple, you’re going to need help as you recover from plastic surgery. 

While you don’t need someone waiting on you hand and foot, you may need assistance with little daily tasks like driving home from surgery, walking the dog, or running out to the store. 

Patients with small children will definitely need help with childcare as patients are unable to lift for several weeks after most surgical procedures.

2) Entertainment

Get ready to binge! If you’ve been wanting to watch some serious Netflix, after surgery you’ll probably have time. Prefer to read? Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to dive into for months.  

Downtime after surgery will mean plenty of sitting on the couch or lying in bed – the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself and indulge in some TV and literature.

3) Comfortable Clothes

As you recover from surgery, your comfort is paramount. Comfy clothing is a must. 

You should avoid stretching as much as possible, as it can pull apart incisions and sutures and slow the healing process. Loose clothing allows you to slip into and out of your attire without too much movement. We recommend button-up tops after breast surgeries.

4) Sanitizing Products

After surgery, your body will have incisions that need to heal. By keeping on top of sanitizing your hands and incisions, you can minimize any potential risk of infection. 

Using antibacterial soaps and hand gels will keep your hands and environment germ-free.

5) First Aid Kit

Our team of elite surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg will teach you how to care for your incisions as you heal.

You may find it helpful to have gauze, antibiotic ointment, and bandaging available.

6) Filled Prescriptions

No one wants to go to the pharmacy after surgery. 

If you can, go to the pharmacy and get any prescriptions you’ll need before your surgery. By doing so, you can return directly home after your procedure and not worry about having to make any unnecessary stops along the way.

7) Supplements and Vitamins

Anytime when our bodies are a little bit down is a great time to give them a helping hand. Particularly as you recover from plastic surgery, you might want to be extra kind to your immune system and organs with over-the-counter multivitamins and other supplements. 

This can give your body that extra little edge it needs to heal that extra bit faster. Always talk with your surgeon about any medications or supplements you’re using.

8) Ready-Made Meals

You don’t want to be worrying too much about planning, shopping, and preparing your meals during your recovery. You want to eat. 

Some easily stored meals like pasta bakes, rice pilafs, and stir-fries are great ideas to make before your surgery. Having these ready in the refrigerator or freezer for when your hungry will make your recovery that much easier and your tummy that much happier. 

9) Water

So many people overlook the role of hydration in recovering from surgery. You need to stay hydrated so you can flush medications and anesthesia out of your system effectively.  

Water also improves your mood; it boosts your energy and helps with your digestion. Having drinking water ready and available – and ensuring to consume plenty of it – will make a big difference during your recovery.

By organizing this help, food, and supplies, you can make your recovery from plastic surgery a time where you can get back to yourself and enjoy some proper rest and relaxation. 

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