Ask These 5 Questions at Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Better known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a nasal reconstruction surgery performed to enhance appearances and correct functional issues like obstructed breathing passages. Despite this procedure’s popularity and long track record of safety, you should carefully consider who you trust to complete your nose surgery.

The best way to learn about the procedure and the surgeon who performs it is to ask plenty of questions during your consultation. Here are five that we feel will give you the best information to move forward with your decision.

1. Are You Board-Certified?

A board-certified plastic surgeon has the necessary training and ethical standards to perform successful nose surgery. However, though many surgeons are board-certified, it doesn’t mean they have obtained their certification from the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is the organization that holds plastic surgeons to the most stringent criteria

Also, in a related question, ask which procedures they specialize in, as rhinoplasty is the most complex surgery in all cosmetic medicine. In other words, a plastic surgeon who exclusively focuses on performing breast augmentations is not your best choice to perform your nose job, even if they are board-certified.

2. How Many Rhinoplasties Have You Performed?

You wouldn’t go to an oral surgeon for heart surgery, and you should use the same logic for rhinoplasty. Some surgeons specialize in specific procedures, so make sure your surgeon has plenty of experience doing nose surgeries. A good number is at least 80 per year. If they have completed fewer or haven’t done one for some time, you should consider finding a surgeon with more skill and familiarity.

3. Can You Show Me Before-and-After Photos?

Talented plastic surgeons should take pride in their work and provide a gallery of before-and-after photos for their patients to review. These images can help you understand your surgeon’s skill and how they have delivered a natural nasal contour to bring balance to previous patients’ facial appearance. Except for reconstruction surgeries, look for detailed intricacies in their work instead of drastic changes.

4. What Are the Risks?

No matter what surgical procedure you have, there will be associated risks. You must take the time to discuss these with your surgeon to make an informed decision about your health. If someone tries to tell you there are no hazards involved, it’s better to seek another surgeon. An ethical surgeon should be upfront about any potential complications, how they may affect you, and how to mitigate them from occurring.

5. Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Your rhinoplasty consultation is an opportunity to discuss your desired outcome with your surgeon. Having realistic expectations about your procedure is crucial to a successful result. Ask your surgeon if they think your goals are attainable and whether a nose job is your best option.

Schedule Your Fredericksburg Rhinoplasty Consultation

Your rhinoplasty consultation is critical to your surgery’s success, and it’s essential to make sure you ask the right questions. Make sure these five are on your list and pay close attention to the answers to help you make the best possible choices.

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