Patient Testimonials


Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg, we are committed to assisting our patients in every way possible. We want you to feel informed, confident, and valued at every step of your journey with us. Click below to see what our past patients have to say!

Cathy Morris-Manke of Spotsylvania, VA

Procedure: Full Facelift and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Cathy loves her sporty red convertible.  When driving with the top down, however, the local REALTOR dreaded pulling up at stoplights.  It highlighted her profile – and her double chin.She’d prop her arm up on the door and casually shield her neck using her hand.Her husband reassured her of her beauty time and time again.  But Cathy couldn’t help feeling self-conscious about her inherited profile. When they watched television together, she would find ways to minimize her chin.

“I felt so poorly about myself,” Cathy recalls “…And if you don’t feel good about yourself, you can’t function well.”


At age 54, Cathy had a full facelift and lower eyelid surgery in March 2006 at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. She returned to work 12 days after surgery due to business demands.

Now, she says, “I can’t believe the difference….I feel better [about myself].” Her husband was supportive throughout and her grown daughters, she adds, “thought it was neat.”

Cathy is sharing her story because she wants to encourage others who are considering similar procedures.

She also highly recommends her doctor and the staff of Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. “They’re wonderful. The whole crew,” Cathy says.

Judy Grant of Ashburn, VA

Procedure: Mini-Facelift and Lower Eyelid “Pinch” Surgery

Before:Judy is a long-time patient of Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. She has received BOTOX® treatments to smooth her brow, and used Obagi Nu-Derm products to significantly improve the appearance and texture of her skin.

A contracting officer for the federal government, Judy had continued driving to Fredericksburg for treatments even after moving to Loudoun County.

But neither treatment could address her sagging jowls, an inherited condition that aged her considerably.  “When I looked in the mirror, I saw my mother looking back at me!” Judy recalls.

After:A crossroads event prompted Judy to take action. At age 54, she wanted to look her best before her remarriage Feb. 14, 2006 in St. Lucia. So Judy consulted her surgeon at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg.

“[He] has never pushed a procedure on me. I just told him what I was concerned about with my face, and he offered suggestions,” she explains.
Judy had a mini face lift and lower eyelid “pinch” surgery within two weeks of the wedding, and was back on the job within four days.

The end result is a dramatic difference in her appearance.

“My 31-year-old daughter thinks it’s great. My husband thinks it’s great, too—thought he didn’t put any pressure on me to have it done. I did it for me,” Judy says.

Mark Eldert of Spotsylvania, VA

Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Chest Tissue Reduction after Weight Loss

Before:Mark had struggled with weight problems since childhood.

“I’m the male Oprah Winfrey,” Mark says. “Before family gatherings each year, people wondered if I would arrive fat, or thin.”

Topping 331 pounds by the time he was 27 years old, Mark made a long-term commitment to healthier living. He lost 156 pounds through dieting and exercise, later gaining back part of the weight. Mark became too thin at his lowest weight, he explains, in a fruitless quest to exercise away the excess skin that remained around his midsection.

“I had all this skin hanging….My clothes didn’t fit and I was unhappy,” Mark recalls.

After:At age 36, Mark decided to research his options with Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. He was impressed with the kindness and thoroughness of his board certified plastic surgeon and staff.

After several consultations, his plastic surgeon removed 10 pounds of skin from Mark’s abdomen, liposuctioned his flanks and reduced excess chest tissue in October 2005.

The insurance agent returned to work two weeks after the procedures.
By January 2006, Mark was confident enough about his appearance to remove his shirt poolside during a cruise.

“I wished I had done this 10 years ago,” Mark says. “It has really helped my self-esteem.

“The care I received was excellent, and I’d recommend Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg to anyone.”

Tina Baker of Spotsylvania, VA

Procedure: Mini-tummy tuck with liposuction, breast augmentation, and breast lift

Before:Tina, a mother of two, wasn’t happy with her body after two C sections, two ectopic pregnancies, and removal of her gall bladder.   “My doctors told me there was nothing they could do to fix the scar tissue, and that really bothered me,” she says.

Her breasts were also troublesome to her.  “After having my kids, they fell down,” she says.  “I wondered if they could ever look the way they once did.”

After:Tina first heard about Plastic Surgery Services through their radio commercials.  She had a consultation but was too nervous at the time to pursue surgery.  Five years later, she returned.

Tina met with her board-certified plastic surgeon.  He advised her to consider a mini-tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, and breast lift.   The procedures were performed in August 2006.

“I’m really glad I had these procedures done,” Tina says. “They’ve been a big boost for how I feel about myself.”

Tina is enjoying her slimmer shape—as well as telling those in her life about the benefits of her decision. “It’s amazing how many people are embarrassed at first to talk about plastic surgery.  But when you’re open with them, they become more open.  Many end up telling me they’d like to ‘get a lift’ someday, too!”

Cherri Notarnicola of Orange, VA

Procedure: Lower Body Lift and Face Lift after Weight Loss

Before:Cherri enjoyed an active lifestyle on her horse farm in the rolling hills of Orange County. But she could not shake her weight problem, which had persisted for years, and it was affecting her health and even interfered with her love of horseback riding competition.

“I had a prize horse that I wouldn’t ride because I felt I was too heavy,” Cherri says.

Cherri researched weight-loss options and determined that gastric bypass surgery was the best alternative in her case. She underwent gastric bypass surgery in February 2003 and shed 150 pounds within nine months of the procedure.

But the years of heavy living had also taken its toll on her skin. Cherri could not firm up the excess skin that remained around her abdomen, lower body and face.

After:Cherri contacted Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg. Her board certified plastic surgeon advised her to consider a lower body lift, which included a tummy tuck, liposuction and buttocks and thigh lifts. He performed Cherri’s lower body lift in November 2003 and, two years later, her face lift.

The procedures have erased years from her appearance and revealed her curvaceous figure.

“It made the difference,” Cherri says. “Before, I could say I lost the
weight. But now I can say, ‘Wow, I look great.’”

She is equally positive about her doctor and the staff at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg.

“They were all so wonderful to deal with. I always felt I was cared for in the best professional manner,” Cherri says. “I would never consider going anywhere else, and have recommended the office to my friends with glowing confidence.”

Megan Reinard of Dumfries, VA

Procedure: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift and Arm Lift after Weight Loss

Before:Megan weighed 300 pounds when she wore her pink formal to the junior prom. She topped 375 pounds by high school graduation.

Little by little, the young woman with the outgoing personality began leading a life of compromise.  She gave up swimming because she was embarrassed about her size.  She gave up trips to Kings Dominion because she was too large to fit in the roller coaster seats.

In February 2005, at the age of 19, Megan opted to have a gastric bypass. The bypass, combined with new eating habits, helped Megan drop from 436 pounds to 210 pounds by July 2006.

But the weight loss also left her with large skin folds that could not be dieted away. In fact, they made it difficult to exercise.

After:Megan logged on to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Web site to locate board certified plastic surgeons in her area.  She talked to several plastic surgeons, but was most impressed by the doctor she visited at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg.

“He was much more informative than the other doctors,” Megan recalls, and he had been personally recommended by a co-worker. She also found his staff to be very friendly and reassuring.

Megan’s doctor performed a lower body lift in July 2006 to remove 12 pounds of excess skin around her stomach and thighs. In September 2006, she had an arm lift, breast lift and excess skin removed from her back.

The experience has changed her life in some ways, restored her life in others.

“I have never run in my entire life,” says Megan, who works as a dental assistant at a pediatric dentist’s office in Springfield. “But within weeks of my lower body lift, I ran a mile.”

She has also developed a new-found love of clothes shopping.